Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Almost to Grand Canyon National Park

We liked this photo because it is called Jacobs Lake. We stopped here to see the visitor center and get a little info before we headed into the the Grand Canyon, only 44 miles away. The bikes we thought were just cool, the paint on them. We see alot of bikers, just regular people touring, like us. The green pasture is what we see on those last 40 miles to G.C. they are so beautiful like a movie or something.

The view is many photo opps.

The Grand Canyon meets the Tucker family

Canyon of the Grand!

Grand Canyon Lodge

We arrived at the Grand Canyon late on the 29th. We were all maxed out on traveling, hungry, and cold! All of the campgrounds were full. Tres insited on checking in at the lodge for a vacancy. Yet most people make a reservation several months in advanced, there was a cancellation and Tres reserved it for us. Although it was clearly out of our budget, he justified this was a chance in a life time. So we decided to stay. After checking into our cabin, we took a short hike to a view point that was amazing. The Grand Canyon is just what is says it is quite grand and a canyon that goes on and on. The colors were amazing as well as the layers of the different types of rock. The lodge was also quite a sight too, built in 1929 most of it is still original. I could sit on the sun porch of the lodge and just watch the view of the canyon all day, it is that magnificent. We woke the next morning and took a quiet hike to Bright Angel Point. While we there the sun was rising and changing the coloring of the canyon by the minute. Most of our pics are from Bright Angel. We have no regrets for staying at the lodge, it was meant to be. A beautiful place to wake and start our day of traveling south in Arizona.

Gnome at the Grand Canyon

Swimming in the Colorado River at Reese Landing

We stopped at Reese Landing at the Colorado River. I wandered why no one was in the river swimming, it is so hot. So we followed the signs to the landing to take a dip. When we arrived we found that this is a popular rafting launch for the CO river. We also found out that no one was swimming because it is so cold. As cold or colder as the Pacific Ocean at S. Jetty. We took the plunge anyways, it was freezing!! The water was cold because just a few miles above the water came out of the bottom of Glen Canyon Dam, which creates Lake Powell. A popular area for recreating. As we left we crossed the Navajo Bridge and headed South. We passed quite a few fancy speed and ski boats going north to Lake Powell.

Navajo Bridge at the Colorado River

Citadel and Lomaki Ruins...Arizona

Lomaki and Citadel Ruins in the Wupatki National Park, was our next stop. This is where the boys found a fascinating green lizard that ran on his hind legs. One of the jumped away from Ruben to a rock to a quick jump off Spencer’s shirt, then off into the desert to get away from these two eager and excited boys. The ruins inspired many questions from the boys about Indians. The conversations were quickly dismissed when the lizards were discovered. On our way out of the park Tres spotted a very large jack rabbit standing very still on the side of the road.We stopped to watch it for a while, but Tres hopped out of the car and gave it a little chase to see it run away.

Wildlife at Wupatki National Monument

This is another highlight for the boys. Collard lizard and jack rabbit. No matter how hard they try they just can't catch those lizards.

Stand'n on the corner of Winslow Arizona

such a fine sight to see

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunset in Salt Lake City

Our first night in Salt Lake with the Mitchells we went for an evening hike above the city to see the sunset. It was a gorgeous night and not to hot. We took a great hike looking for the stone living room to watch the sunset. Although we never found it because of all the trails and no markings on the trails, we had a great time out with our friends that we have not seen in almost a year. We spent two nights in Salt Lake and then one night to Zion with the Mitchells.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A day at the Pool

The kids lined up to have Merritt toss them from the pool. Ruben especially loved it. The kids could have spent 24/7 at the pool. This is the pool just a few houses down from where Merritt and April live. Such a fun place to live...a pool& playground just down the street. Thank for sharing with us Mitchells.

Merritt tossing Ruben in the pool. We spent a whole morning here having fun in the sun!

Our visit to Temple Square with the Mitchells

Here is Tres in the Tabernacle at Temple Square. April and Merritt gave us a great tour of Salt Lake's downtown. We saw the Temple building, Conference Center, Tabernacle, gardens, fountains, and headquarters. Such a grand and beautiful place. We noticed a large variety of ethnicity in Temple Square. We also saw a bride and groom on the steps of the Temple. It was a great night walking all over and viewing this special place.

We left Salt Lake and caravaned to S. Utah with the Mitchells to camp & visit Zion National Park. There is "white light'n" ahead of us.

Collin with a toad he caught at our camp site. The view from our camp...amazing.

Canyon Overlook Hike at Zion...our first hike today.

Canyon Overlook trail head. April & Tres with Luke, Collin,Ruben, Spencer.

Ruben and Collin ahead on the hike.

Liv'n it up with dad

The man I love.

Canyon Overlook trail. Cooling off in the shade under a rock overhang. Tres helping Spencer on hard part of trail.

Canyon Overlook hike

Spencer is such a trooper in this very hot weather. Our first hike to Canyon Overlook was awesome. All of us were impressed with the view as well as the hike. The terrain was treacherous at times, but the kids did great.

The Tuckers at the Canyon Overlook hike and Gnome at Zion