Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A perfect place for a picnic.

A bike ride in the neighborhood brought us to this little park just down the street. We rarely come here, just kind of forgotten. Today we rode past this little spot, the sun was shining just right, the grass looked soft and inviting, the tire swing was still, and so we stopped and played. I love a spontaneous good time. It was only a few minutes of sitting and swinging that a picnic was requested at this same spot. For sure a picnic a Byrd Park is in certainly in order.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cleaning up at Siltcoos

Saturday morning the weather cleared just in time for our clean up session. We clean up Siltcoos with Surfrider's Siuslaw Chapter twice a year. This time I was shocked by all of the styrafoam. We went to our favorite spot a little north of the Siltcoos River, to another little stream and log jam that we like to play at. To find so much styrafoam every where, and more being washed in on the waves. It broke my heart really. I couldn't stop picking it up, We drove the truck down there, and filled the bed of the truck. I had thoughts of being towed behind an  ATV just to pick up trash quicker and more easliy. But instead I just walked, ran, and rode in the truck from one trash spot to the next. I am guessing we are seeing some of the debri from the tsunami in Japan.  It was good time together on the beach, we did this as a family, so I know has a lasting impression on our kids. I had another thought. A new branch of public works on all levels of government to create jobs to just do this; collect trash from beaches, sort and dispose of properly. The volunteers that showed up to clean up the beach was very impressive.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

following the leader

The boy's bikes went in to the bike shop the other day. Major adjustments were needed, pedals, chains, tires, handle bars. They have grown so much and their bikes are such that they can grow with them. Both boys said their bikes felt like they were brand new after the adjustment. Pretty exciting! We went to Miller Park to ride the paths, check out the skate/bike park, ride over the mounds of dirt too. Good times for sure. Spencer had a little crash, he told his aunt "not even one tear, and then I got up and rode again!" he was very proud of himself. I was too. Good times on these two wheels and I love being a follower in this crowd. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just a moment in the day

I have been a little absent here on our blog. My camera isn't working and all I have is my phone camera. Not too inspiring for taking pictures for the blog. So I have been a little quiet here. I hope to come up with a new camera soon. Yet each day such lovely moments go by I would love to capture more of them. Today I had a little time alone at home, truly a rare situation. I took a few pictures in the back yard while I spent some quiet time alone at home. Home is a wonderful place to be, full of busy boys or just alone.

The Sea and Me at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

After leaving Beverly Beach State Park and heading to Nye Beach to our favorite bakery for pizza and cinnamon rolls, we decided to go to the aquarium. We had just purchased a family membership back in March, it was time to visit again. This time the new interacitve display was the Sea and Me. You can see Spencer cathcing fish and then selling them at the fish market. He could have worked here all day. I loved just watching him go back and forth from boat to market. A very well done interactive connection for kids to make with their food and how we get it. I liked just sitting on the bench and observing Spencer and all of the other kids that came through. A perfect time to let your imagination play.
I always love to see the sea otters too. Did you know otters use a tool? Yes they do, a pet rock they lay on their belly to use as a hard surface to crack open shells to eat what is inside. So clever these furry, cute, curious, sea mamals. I love watchig them.
An awesome way to end a wonderful weekend. I really feel lucky.

Otter Rock and Roll

Kids that participated in the child w/ parent heat, get a participation goodie bag, great stuff! Good Times!
We kicked off our summer break with the annual kids surfing contest in Newport, Otter Rock and Roll. The Newport Chapter of Surfrider puts on a great event for kids and families. We had a fun day in the sun at the beach with friends and other participants. It was an awesome way to start the summer. Boys were not as much into the surfing this year as they have been in the past. It could of been the early morning heat, or the rush from the campground, or the fall out of the truck in the parking lot Ruben had on our way. It doesnt' really matter is what I told the boys, there was still so much fun to be had in the day, and we had just began. Ruben had one ride from the outside to nearly the beach, and Spencer gave it a try too. What the kids really enjoyed was playing in the clay on the beach, chasing friends and meeting new friends, listening to the funny DJ and all the fun music he played, and picking up trash. We learned what a nerdle was too, not sure of the spelling, it was also called a mermaids tear. Have you ever heard of that, well it is tiny pieces of plastic, basically tumbled plastic that fish eat. It makes them very sick. We used a sifter in the sand to collect these tiny pieces. So sad, it would make a mermaid cry.

Monday, June 4, 2012

House Keeping

A spray bottle and cloth go a long way in keeping Spencer engaged in helping clean. He loves to spray and wipe the door, floor, baseboards, and windows. He is really quite good at it and the best part of it is he is so proud of his efforts too. He gets inspired to do even more helping in cleaning. Today was a great day of house keeping, I just love the company in doing chores it makes it so much more fun.  Spencer was also the DJ for house cleaning music, so we got a little dancing in with our cleaning :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gratitude Sunday

Can you see the heart? I love finding hearts...they just appear naturally.
I'm joining Taryn Wilsom from Wooly Moss Roots for
G r a t i t u d e * S u n d a y

{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.}
If you would like to join us, see below.

Our gratefulness feeds one another.


  Throughout the week I've felt grateful for:
* A little extra time this week to ride my bicycle, more than I had planned.
*My Mom unexpectedly accompanying me on a day trip to Eugene. Just the two of us! So rare. Shopping, lunch, and just a nice time to be together.
*The little animals that lend themselves to the excitement, love and handling from my little boys. They just love those little critters...snakes, salamanders, birds.
*The beauty of birth, My friend April had her baby girl. Tessa Amber. I feel so incredibly honored that her parents chose my name to be part of their daughter's name. Blessed be.
*My dad letting me borrow his motorcycle for me to have a chance to ride with out owning a motorcycle. Wow that bike is fun to ride...I am just dreaming of a long, long, ride. Exhilarating!
*My friend Fuzzy giving me an abundance of fresh produce from his garden. Oh those fresh greens are such a delight. Real wholesome food is so nourishing.
* You tube. Yep! You tube has been such an awesome resource for me to learn how to sew. I have been watching it like crazy, over and over again, then straight to the rotary cutter and sewing machine, so much fun!
*Tres' efforts in continuing to make the chicken pen better and better each week. What is even more awesome is he seems to find materials laying around our place. Not one piece of material has been purchased in building our chicken coop and fence!
*Lunch with two friends this week. It was so fun to meet my two friends together for lunch at her house. Time to catch up, get that serotonin flowing, and get reinvigorated for the rest of the day.
*Going to bed an a little earlier than normal. It was a good change for me and felt great to wake up not tired! Gee what a good night's sleep can do for me, amazing.
*Ceremony...my friend Stephanie went to Moldova for school/internship, before she left we held a blessing way for her. To support her efforts, ease fears, help to embrace the unknown. Being a part of the ceremony is powerful and I could see the worries and fears fly away from her by the end of the time together. Ceremony is a beautiful and precious way to support one another and I feel so grateful for those whom I can share ceremony with.