Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here are the boys in Tres's cub scout uniform. Ruben joined Tiger Scouts this year. Ruben and Tres go to most of the weekly meetings. They seem to love the time together.

Pine Wood Derby weekend... Presenting Ruben's car

A boy and his bunny

Spencer has been having a nice time with the bunny, Rosie. She has become more docile. Okay with being held and played with. She has grown so much. She will be one in May.  We take her all over the yard, she stays close while eating grass and leaves. Spencer gets his cuddle and play time with her. Pancho yelps inside the house, wanting to be included. Yet, I just have a feeling that he would be the end of Rosie. We have had a few close calls, but it each time turned out okay. Spencer is so cute with his pets. He just loves Rosie and her soft hair. She seems to like the attention and cuddles she gets from Spencer.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Spencer and Rosie

More garden boxes!

 Tres made me two more raised beds. I am always impressed and happy with the results when they are finished. He didn't use any new material. All of the wood he used for the garden beds are reused or recycled material. These will look great here with good dark dirt, with veggies in them. A few herbs and flowers too. I can't believe how much I have been thinking of spring and planting my garden. I have tow beds not that are over winter, but the rest lay empty, waiting for spring. I have been getting inspired and getting by through reading Mother Earth News Magazine. Next gardening project...building a dear deer fence.

Our Burning Tree tradition

We always burn our Christmas tree in our back yard. The hot, fast burning, and bright fire is a fun way to spend an evening arournd the outside fire in January. The night was cold and clear. Our neighbors joined us for a post Christmas celebration, the burning of the tree.