Sunday, May 31, 2015

Garden Life

We had a full day of gardening over the weekend. I planted many seeds and pulled weeds. I included way more flowers this year in my planting. Sunflowers are already up! I love walking through and seeing the daily change. I am grateful to get to return to the garden for a place to enjoy and relax. I love hanging out with the plants.

Bush's Fern View Farm

We picked strawberries in the valley. The berries were sweet and juicey, warm from the sun. I didn't make jam, but just froze them since we have a new found love for smoothies now. I love that the boys still want to do this. The first time I brought Spencer here he was 8 weeks old. I love traditions like this. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Get Air

Friday I took the boys to Eugene and picked up their cousin Bryce for a visit to Get Air. Trampoline, dodge ball, foam pit, and basket ball all on trampolines. They had so much fun... Well maybe too much fun. Spence jumped until he puked, and Ruben did so many flips he jarred up his back a little and was pretty sore. My guys have a a way of not holding back much... They really go for it. It was a lesson for me too... Next time I will require breaks and a warm up. These kids are so fun, I'm so lucky to be their mama. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Cape Perpetua Field Trip

I've always enjoyed attending the kid's field trip. Even though we have been to Cape Perpetua many times, visiting with his class and was a lot of fun. I like getting to know the other kids. I get to see which kids have been here before, which ones never have. Spencer and I liked the guided hike for foraging. We ate licorice root of a red fern, sorrel grass, and fiddle head ferns. Best part of the day was spending it with Spencer. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Spencer Turns 9

This weekend we celebrated Spencer's 9th birthday!! What a guy he has become. Funny, smart, charming, sweet, mischievous, cuddly, and so much more! I am so proud to be his mom and the day he was born was one of the best days of my life. His birthday falls on our rhody festival so we partied all weekend with car show, parade, carnival, dinner out two nights in a row! Cake, cousins, and motorcycle riding we had a blast! This guy got his first BB gun too 760 pump master. Here is the the last year of having a child in the single digits! They grow up fast. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Waiting for Woahink

We took a walk around Woahink Lake over the weekend. Spencer said he could barely keep himself from jumping into the lake. We are both ready for swim season. The most refreshing, grounding, joyful time in this water, and I can hardly wait to get it back too. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Keeping Up

My Cala lilies are so happy and beautiful right now. Making wonderful bouquets for the house. I am thinking I should draw or paint them, perfect for a still life.
We have taken up swimming every Tuesday night as a family. It is a cheap and fun family night. Everyone gets exercise and keeps our swimming muscles strong for the summer. 
Our neighbor got a puppy, who gets out when they aren't home. We let him in one evening to play. Very entertaining, however I was quickly reminded of why we have never got a puppy before... They bark, bite and pee in the house. Puppy went home after that. Plus good ol pancho got annoyed too. 
Love love love my boys. I especially love how affectionate tres is with our sons. It is a good way to raise boys, with lots of hugs, kisses, and  affection. Ruben is so beautiful. In just a few weeks he'll be a middle schooler, amazing! He grows so fast. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

These Weeks

I looked back over my photos from the week and was reminded of this awesome life we live. I love being in this family, They are a fun bunch. I am proud to be raising our boys up appreciating the beautiful place we live and how we share and experience it together. 
Never to big to cuddle in our family. 
Sword fighting is frequently requested sport here. 
Fishing until dark with worms from the garden. Siltcoos Lake is so beautiful.
My flowers are coming on strong and the vegetable garden is waking from a short winter sleep. 
Tres on the Siuslaw River. We had date night last weekend and we went kayaking In the river. It was pretty exciting, the tide was changing, and the seals were very curious about us. 

A view from the hike I did twice last week. This is a new trail at woahink lake. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about this trail. I mean running, strolling, hiking all of honeyman state park for the last 20 years. Then a new trail is open and it is fantastic! This is a shot of the foot bridge section of the trail. Hooray for Oregon State Parks!  

North Jetty Driftwood Forts

My Friday morning off I went to north jetty for a beach walk. I came upon at least 6 driftwood forts. Someone had been very busy here. I love this art form and unique forts. I wished the boys had been with me instead of at school.