Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break, A Real Break.

We staycationed last week at home for Spring Break. Having no plans felt great, easy, restful. Even though each day we were doing something, the beach, fines, tennis, grammas house, and a day in Eugene too. We started the week wide open. We got creative and stay with the Easter egg dye and decided to cut up bed sheets and curtains and dyed them. I have no idea what we'll do with them but it was a fun process. 

Spencer is so fun to play tennis with! A great time and free!! 
We got to see baby Ziyana too, always so sweet and fun! Love her. 
Ruben went riding In the dunes several days and worked in the yard at Torex. He's been riding his new motorcycle and loving it. 
Lots and lots of snuggle time, late sleeping and pancakes at 10:00 am means vacation to us! 
Some time on the beach with my sweetie. He brought home more than a cord of wood salvaged from the beach this week. 
Snuggle time for everyone. 
The Cala lily is getting ready for its grand performance coming soon. A picture if the new small flock we took off of another family who needed a break. Their a very sweet flock and took only a few days to start laying here. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Before The Rain Comes

The rain held back all day and was expected late in the evening. I took the opportunity to put some time and miles on the motorcycle. It was cold and overcast and even with heated hand grips I had to stop halfway through my ride into the woods to heat my fingertips on the hot engine. I was able to ride 70 miles today and wanted to go more. I'm really looking forward to a nice long ride with Tres. We have gone on a few short rides. The ride was beautiful! I loved seeing the rushing creek and the solitude in the woods.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weekending at Home

I got a sourdough starter from my mom. It lay dormant in the fridge for a week, I pulled it out Thursday and fed it every 12 hours for three feedings. Saturday morning I made sourdough pancakes, then Sourdough pizza, and last I made banana sourdough muffins. They were all devoured! Everyone loved it. Looks like it will be sourdough on the  weekend. Let's see how long I can keep the kitchen let alive. With proper feeding and care.
Ziyana stayed with on Sunday. Without the boys to play with she would'nt be as happy without her mom. They love her and she loves them! It is precious for the boys to have a chance to care for her and show such patience and tenderness. 

Tres and I got away for an hour to see the beach during the storm. It was a wild and lively place! High tide, wind blowing so hard, sun and hail and rain. It was beautiful and fun to see the beach so active. 
We had a double rainbow Monday morning over Tres'school. I hope this is a sign for what this week has to bring. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Family and Birthday

When you have a big family, it's always someone's birthday! We had so much fun celebrating Alex's birthday this weekend. With the help of aunt Mary and my mom we had a seafood feast the most delicious cake and best of time together laughing, eating, and talking. I feel pretty lucky she wanted to celebrate at our house.