Monday, September 30, 2013

Friday Free Time

I am falling into a nice rhythm of leaving Friday to myself. I consider it a day of self care. Of course it is not an entire day, but at least a few hours. In this time I do something to recharge myself, reconnect, and realign within myself. I find this is usually me in the woods, water, or the beach. So many choices in my area to make this happen. If I am lucky I'll find a dear friend to join me, however my solitude is equally comforting on this day. This time has always been a practice of mine, it has just ebbed and flowed overtime. Less time at the beginning of motherhood to more time as the littles grow. I treasure the time when and where I can get it, here are a few pics from last week.

Apple Season

A stormy weekend called for indoor projects. The apples were picked from my Mom's yard and my helpers were from my neighborhood. A great way to past the time with friends and family making applesauce and apple crisp on this terribly windy rainy weekend. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Maiden voyage

Tres has a special talent of making things happen for us. Ruben has been dreaming of a little boat with a motor for a long time. Tres found this boat for very cheap. He brought it home and cleaned it up then repaired it. Now the adventures begin. Ruben was so excited to drive the boat and wanted to take all of us for rides. He caught his first trout in this boat too. That was the time they took the boat out with just oars. We ate that trout for dinner that night. The boat is too small for all of us so we took turns, I did most of the waiting, I didn't mind, I actually love just sitting on the dock watching. I can tell we'll have many good times in this little boat, and wandering just how long it will take this 4th and 2nd grader to     Catch dinner for us again.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun on the Pogo stick

Ruben Definitely has talent on the pogo stick. He jumped with no hands, Backwards up and down the ditch in the gravel on grass on concrete. He even tried to try to jump on the culvert. He's a boy with many talents. Love hanging out with him and watching him on the pogo stick. He wanted me to bring him his homework on a clipboard so he could pogo stick and do his homework at the same time. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

A lake weekend

The weather was amazing on the coast this weekend. The only place I wanted to be was on or in the water. We took our kayaks to Woahink Lake for an adventure of paddling, exploring, fishing, swimming, and bridge jumping. The boys are so much fun to be with I couldn't ask for  more adventurous companions. I hope this never changes. I adore our time together. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

From the backyard

Despite the changes in weather the garden is not done. The sunflower is finally opening up. I hope the sun shines  and we get to see this flower at its fullest. The fuchsia is producing so many berries, the chickens love to forage for them. The carrots offer a size surprise every time I pull them tiny, big, and funny shaped ones all delicious. I love the backyard time I get I feel pretty lucky for what we have made it become, our own little place.