Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rail Ride with Jacob

Jake is giving tours this summer for work. He invited me for a ride this morning. I hopped in with a couple taking a tour. I haven't screamed that loud in years! It was so fun and exhilarating!! My hands were sore from hanging on so tight. Jake is a great driver and good at giving info about the dunes. I want to come back and bring my girlfriends... Jake may need ear plugs for that tour. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cleawox Lake Day

Ruben performed on the skim board like a boss! He's pretty good even when skimming conditions aren't so great.  The hot sand made for a lot of fun too. Covering themselves in warm sand and then jumping in the cool water and then doing it again. Ruben said to me today " today I went motorcycle riding, now skim boarding and swimming.... I'm  pretty lucky and that is just awesome " he was quiet for a moment while thinking about his adventures and then I helped him name the feeling as more than lucky, it's grateful. Gratitude is a sure sign of maturity. I love watching this unfold, and gratitude is a feeling I frequently have because of this beautiful life I share with my family. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Around Here

Moving through summer with ease. We have been enjoying all of favorite past times has to offer; swimming, surfing, crafting, family, and each other. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Woahink Lake Love

The afternoon spent at woahink lake, swimming, paddling, exploring, and skim boarding. We actually have been avoiding this beloved place. Since our community lost Jose (former student) to drowning at this lake earlier this summer. We felt so sad and upset that we swam at other places. 
After thinking about this a little more I came to the realization that tragedy happens.  Places like this are sacred and meant to be enjoyed and happiness comes easily here. Like when Jose came to swim with his friends, it was all out of fun and recreation. I gave some thoughts and positive visualization to bring back the joy even after tragedy. So today that is what we did, expressed our love of life by playing in the same water that took the life a a young man too soon. I remembered all of the fun and exploring we have done in the past, I thought of Jose smiling and laughing with his friends, and I took the moment for what is was and decided to keep playing and swimming in joy for the time we have and for honoring those who cannot be with us anymore. 

Clear lake blueberry farm

We only picked for a half an hour this mornings since it was so hot. We managed to get 8 quart freezer bags full for 20$. I'd say that was a success. I plan to go back as often as possible to fill the freezer again. Blueberries are a favorite lunch box item, dessert eaten frozen, and perfect for our smoothies. Nothing beats eating sun warmed berries right off the branch.  

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Loon Lake Camp Out

This summer we have decided to do more camping. So far we are meeting our goal! We have camped more so far this summer than we did all of last summer. We are already planning our next camp out. The interesting thing about loon lake is the climate and vegetation is a lot like Mapleton, but it is a lake instead. We learned that the lake was created by a land slide, at mill creek which then created loon lake. We hiked, ride bikes, swam, paddled the kayak, fished, slept late and had a campfire each night. The moon was full too and tres took a night swim. Best of all I was in nature with my beloveds.