Sunday, July 19, 2015

Woahink Lake Love

The afternoon spent at woahink lake, swimming, paddling, exploring, and skim boarding. We actually have been avoiding this beloved place. Since our community lost Jose (former student) to drowning at this lake earlier this summer. We felt so sad and upset that we swam at other places. 
After thinking about this a little more I came to the realization that tragedy happens.  Places like this are sacred and meant to be enjoyed and happiness comes easily here. Like when Jose came to swim with his friends, it was all out of fun and recreation. I gave some thoughts and positive visualization to bring back the joy even after tragedy. So today that is what we did, expressed our love of life by playing in the same water that took the life a a young man too soon. I remembered all of the fun and exploring we have done in the past, I thought of Jose smiling and laughing with his friends, and I took the moment for what is was and decided to keep playing and swimming in joy for the time we have and for honoring those who cannot be with us anymore. 

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