Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fresh green boiled peanuts

Tres and Uncle Jerry went and picked up 10 lbs of fresh green peanuts to boil. Jerry and his dear friend Jim boiled them out on the deck in the cooker as we sat around visiting, sharing stories, and having a few beers. The picture of Jerry and Tres is with Katie's officer sword. The picture of all of us and two extra boys are with Max and Jackson, who are Jim's boys and were there visiting when we were. They are sweet boys, Ruben and Spencer enjoyed playing with two "big kids".

R & R at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Carol's house. Wetumpka, Alabama

When we left Florida we drove to Alabama to see Tres' Uncle Jerry Duncan. We arrived late after visiting Bull, Ceci, Tylie and Torito, but stayed up even later visiting. It was so great to see Jerry and Carol. They spoiled us with their southern hospitatlity. They are experienced grandparents, which means our kids were very comfortable with a room full of toys, plenty of cartoons, and a tender and loving atmosphere. Not to mention an awesome swimming pool. I think this is the place that the boys' swimming blossomed. They both started off with their lifejackets, but by the end of the day, they were both jumping off the diving board and swimming to the other end without their lifejackets.

Alabama...Confederate Memorial.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Super Subs and Deli, Cousin Torito's new deli in Marianna, Florida

Notice gator tail on the menu.

Our visit with cousin Bull and Ceci Duncan

We visited Bull and Ceci for an afternoon. They took us to their swimming hole, called horse shoe bend. The boys rode on the 4 wheeler with Bull and his granddaughter Tylie. We had a great time swimming in the Chipola River and visiting with Tres' cousin. Good times with family.

Our visit to Gradma Katie, G.Grandma & Grandpa Duncan we miss them much. Duncan's Corner, Sink Creek, Florida

Saying goodbye to Grandpa Dan...We love you!

We had a great week with Dan. We spent most of our time at the house. With the beach right in front of us and the cold tub just outside the door, there was no need to leave. Tres spent several hours going through his things that had been left at Dan and Katie's. When it was time to leave, our car was heavily loaded with treasures from Alligator Point. I love all the looks we get from people as we are driving down the interstate, or a back country road by people sitting on their porches. The car really is a sight to see.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little too close for my comfort...did you see him smiling at me?

I rode in the front of the canoe, kids in the middle, and tres at the back. I was the closest one to this gator, which was the biggest one we saw in the canoe. I did get very nervous and scared, as Tres approached quickly and close! The gator remaind still, and we moved on by. Yikes!!!

Our feature presentation...Manatees

I love the view of this manatee. It shows the beautiful tail, which reminds me of a mermaid.

Wildlife we saw during our canoe ride on the Wakulla River.

We were lucky on our canoeing trip that we saw so many animals. I was amazed at the abundance of turtles, birds, fish, and alligators. There was never a dull moment for viewing the wonders of the Wakulla River. A few weeks ago we visited the spring of Wakulla River and went on a boat ride.

A canoe ride on the Wakulla River

We rented canoes from a place along the Wakulla River. Tres and I had rented a canoe from this same place on our honeymoon, and later with Jake. Now Ruben, Spencer, Tres, and I paddled the Wakulla River. We found a lot of wildlife. My most favorite mammal of Florida the manatee presented itself to us three times and we saw 5 of them. This was very exciting. It was a very hot day too, we cooled off the river. A perfect cool brisk tempature.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cooling off in the cold tub at Grandpa Dan's house. With a view of the Gulf of Mexico and just a few steps a way for a nice warm walk on the beach.

A day on the Sun Seeker in the Gulf of Mexico

Grandpa Dan took us out on his new boat for an adventure in the Gulf of Mexico. We went out about 8.5 miles. We checked traps and tres threw a few lines in the water. We had no luck catching any fish to keep but we sure had a great time.

A family of artists...

Grandma Peggy is an artist, so she set the boys up with several projects. She is an amazing artist with the gourd, using them as a canvas creating a huge variety of art on the gourd. Ruben and Spencer painted their birdhouse gourds. It took several days of painting to come to completion. The boys taught Grandma how to "bust a cap" which was flattening bottle caps with a hammer, then nailing a hole in them to thread into a necklace. All of us adults got a kick out of "busting a cap" with Grandma. The boys left Grandma and Grandpas house with a collection of arrowheads, beads, painted gouds, and great memories.