Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just for fun!...this is Grumpy Bear. I got him for my birthday in third grade, I still have him. I think I'll keep him forever.

I love Friday mornings!

Friday mornings are now mine and Spencer's. We don't have school, it is just the two of us, we get have special time together. Today we went for a little hike at the Lagoon trail. Gabi came with us. We saw nutria, slugs, chipmunks, and frogs. I like the pic of the slug best, and so did Spencer. This is the good life!

Harvest moon on the equinox.

Here is picture of the Harvest Moon, taken from my backyard. You can also see Jupiter just below the moon, it looks like a star. We won't see another moon like this on this date until 2029! Beautiful moon, made me feel like howling! Welcome Autumn.

Willie Nelson concert!

Ian and Heidi invited us to see Willie Nelson in Eugene at the Cuthbert Ampitheater. We had a great kids, dinner and drinks, and a concert with a very diverse crowd, and then home by 11pm. Good times.

A hike in the woods...close to home.

I love to hike in the rain, under the canopy of trees.

Souper Sunday

I have discovered that making soup is a hobby of mine. I enjoy concocting warm and hearty soups to feed my loved ones. This soups ingredients grew with in 20 miles of this kitchen. I love local! Creating meals with food that was grown so close to home, just makes it taste so much better. Next goal...learn how to make bread to go with it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ahh a morning at the beach...there is nothing like it.

The Pink Martini gets a cruise.

First day of school

This picture is so funny! That is me running to get in the pic after I had set the timer. Ruben with one shoe on and one off. Spencer with his parrot, that he wanted to take to school. Jake is still in bed, since he didn't start until the next day. Tres just ready to leave with only 8 minutes to be on campus!
We all had a good first day. Spencer and I are having a great time toghether at Montessori. Ruben is still adjusting to first grade, but is doing just fine. We all agree that we could stay on the road full time, cruising all over the country again and then maybe head south. For now we're mainstreamed back into the regular life of so many others. We are all envious of the cars with different plates or RV's with all the fun gear on them. One day we'll be on the road again, but for now we are back at school. It's a good life.

Rhino ride with Jake

Jake gave us a ride on a Rhino at Torex ATV rentals. This is where he worked this summer, instead of joining us on our roadtrip. He stopped working about a week before school started, one of the days he was able to give me and his brothers a ride out in the dunes. It was a foggy and cool morning, but we went anyways. He drove us out to the beach and all over in the dunes. We had a great time. He is a good driver. Ruben wanted faster and steeper. Spencer and I wanted mellow and fun tour. Jake did an awesome job of finding the middle for all four of us. I feel pretty lucky to live so close to such a marvelous and beautiful part of nature...the Oregon Dunes and Pacific Ocean.

Dirt Dune

This pile of dirt in the back yard is called the dirt dune. It is left over dirt from the construction we did on our home about 4 years ago. The boys wanted to keep pile of dirt for their dirt dune. So far we have kept it, although Tres and I both have wanted to level it and get rid of the mud, but there is something about a pile of dirt that creates harmony in our sons life. All this kids in the neighborhood also want to come to our backyard and play in the dirt dune, building roads, villages, or caves. Here is a picture with our cousin Stella and her mom Kalli. This was Stellas first time playing inthe dirt dune. She is a natural dirt duner. You can see Jake in the background, he has Rosie our bunny sitting in his lap. This is just a picture of the day in the life of the Tuckers.

On the way to Hop Frog Pond in the Dunes

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A morning at hop frog pond in the Oregon Dunes

The other day Jake went into the dunes with friends, just exploring, hiking & having an airsoft war. He happend to stumble across a small pond hidden in the dunes, where thousands of small frogs are living. He knew this would be a hit for his brothers. A few days later Jake lead the whole family for a treacherous walk through the dunes looking for this secret pond. Sure enough when we arrived it became another Happy Day for Spencer and Ruben. Frogs just bring out the best in the boys. I decided to call it Hop Frog pond after Maurice Sendack's Little Bear movie. The frogs looked like grasshoppers in the grass, when you took a step you could see about 50 of them scatter in all directions. I had to be careful not to step on them. They caught at least 20 frogs, and then released them when it was time to make our way out of the dunes. I think the thought of this place is one of Spencer's "happy thoughts", a place he goes to when trying to fall asleep at night.

I captured a ray of sunshine for later...come December or February these should be a delightful reminder of summer's abundance.

Veteran Peaches from Bush's Farm in Elmira, Oregon. Canned at home...where the heart is.

We picked up 30lbs of tuna from the Ranger. We also found a curious and hungry harbor seal...

I'm ashamed of the fact that I allowed Ruben to hand feed this seal. Yes hand feed and I have pics, but like I

said I am ashamed of myself for allowing it. Obviously this pinneped has been fed before and he is begging like our furry brother Pancho. I got some sweet pics of Ruben feeding him the pieces of tuna that were discarded from the filet. Yet I am not posting them, since it is wrong to feed wild animals. One time I honked at a lady feeding the deer in our neighborhood.

Spencer's back at his favorite neighborhood swimming hole.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dayla turns 11...pinata! Ruben and Spencer wait patiently for Uncle Aaron to get it ready for striking!

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Sahalie Falls, Oregon

Getting closer, we'll be home tonight. We stopped to get a little fresh air and view the beautiful falls. It felt like it was raining with all the mist.

Lost Springs Ranch in Burns Oregon

My Grandparents owned this ranch long ago. When I was a kid I came to visit regularly. I have fond memories of spending time here with Grandma and Grandpa Lagler. It was a honor to stop and see the sign and entrance, it brought back lots of forgotten times.