Monday, March 28, 2011

A few rays of sun in the yard

Pancho "laying out" in the sun. He is so funny, he loves the warmth. He gets so close to the woodstove sometimes we think he might get burnt. He loves to stretch out in take in the warmth. Such a sweet little dog. He is tethered here in the front yard, he likes to investigate everything so I have gone back to the tether in order to keep him in the yard rather than all over the neighborhood. He doesn't seem to mind. especially when there is a ray of sun in his area.

A visit to our great Pacific Ocean

I think that may be a beaver dam in the water.
 I took solo trip to the beach during our spring break. Solo time for me is rare, but I seized this moment and headed out to Siltcoos to ride my bike and be in nature. This was my first visit to the ocean since the tsunami in  Japan. I had to face the ocean, take a moment to recognize her power and beauty. I just stood in silence, my breath taken by her magnificence, and mostly just trying to come to terms with the devastation and loss that Japan has suffered. I was grateful to be standing there enjoying the greatness of the ocean, but a little scared of the power which I know she holds. I stood and watched, thought, felt emotions, and took in the world for a moment, and then sent out love. That is what it came down to for me. I just sent out, in every vibration...Love.

Done painting and ready for cabinets!

Jake helped me paint. He did the ceiling and I did the walls. Now we are ready to have the cabinets installed then floor, counter tops...the list is getting a little shorter. This remodel has been a little more stressful than living through a major addition to our home. I guess that was because we weren't living in it just next to it. The kitchen will be so wonderful when it is done. I look forward to being in the new space. I love cooking and being in the kitchen. I am missing it actually. I am certainly cooking during all of this just not in very fun conditions. Well soon enough it will all be put back together. An exciting surprise to my more microwave. I purchased hood to the range with only a light and a fan. We used to have a microwave as a hood with a fan and light. I am ready to get rid of the microwave. I know it is quick and easy, but I don't think it is as good for us as warming our food in our cast iron or in a toaster oven. We haven't had one since we started our remodel, so I figured this would be good time to get rid of it permanently.

A few steps at a time.

Getting ready for texturing today, that means painting next! This will be our 5th day like this. We are using the laundry room as a sink for a while. The range is plugged in so we can cook! I don't dare show the rest of house....yikes! This is Progress.

Sand sledding. Oh what fun it is!

Ruben going down. Spencer coming back up for another ride. We got a workout today!

Spring break day trip to Sutton


During our spring break this year we stayed close to home. The weather was mostly wind, rain and cold. With a few rays of sun or stars here and there. That didn't stop us from spending time outdoors this week. We went to Sutton and found a fun trail with a bridge across the creek,  a rope swing at the top of the dune, and a great hill for sledding in the sand. I think this may have been our boy's first intro to something like sand boarding. After a few slides down the hill Ruben had already tried standing on the disc. Along with hiking, sledding, and swinging at Sutton we also rode bikes, found three salamanders and had a picnic. Good times with our friends too, they are always up to an adventure even in our lovely Oregon coast weather.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patricks's Day

I dedicate this post to our dear late friend Pat Carter. March 17th was his birthday and this sign was hanging in the shop the he owned and where Tres and I fell in love. Pat was a friend of mine and of Tres' before we even met each other. This sign ended up with us (that is another story), now it hangs in our backyard. It brings many memories to me. Happy Birthday Pizza Pat! Cheers! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kitchen in progress

For two weeks now, we have had the wall in the kitchen gone and our stove moved. The last picture we did not have the dry wall in place on the cieling. Our next step will be to pull up the floor, take the rest of the cabinets out, and dry wall, texture paint, cabinets, floor, counter tops, light fixtures, and window trim. Wow, I just purged that! That was good to get out there. It will happen. The cabinets will be shipped 10 days. Now we have moved our deck table into that open space. I have enjoyed having a table in the kitchen. It hasn't been bad. It looks like we're moved in. We came to a stand still while waiting on the cabinets. Now things are about to get moving again. I'll keep you posted.

Umpqua Discovery Center

We had a little adventure the other weekend. I took the boys to Reedsport to the Discovery Center. It was a great exhibit. Natural history, weather experiments and information, pioneer and migration history, a bear cave with a slide into it! that was a lot of fun for Spencer and Ruben. Jake and I were to big. After the discovery we went to the sugar shack and got a donut. There were a lot of seafood cafes on the water front where the DS is. I had packed a lunch, so we got a treat instead. We were stoked on donuts. I decided after that we needed to get out and burn off the sugar high we just got. We drove south a little more to Marie Lake and the Umpqua Lighthouse and State Park. A storm was just arriving and the wind was really blowing. We hopped out of the car and took off on the hiking trail around the lake. It was a great way to spend a Saturday with the kids.

A boy and a stream...we could stay here forever.

Any flowing stream that Spencer or Ruben have access to is a source of much enthusiasm. They will spend as much time as possible and ask for more each time I try to move on. We are so lucky to be surrounded by lakes, streams, rivers, ocean, or ponds. I suppose that is inspiration  enough to want bring out the pure curiosity.

Lake Marie

Dinner at the Tuckers

Tres and I being silly for Ruben with the camera. I love seeing the pictures the boys take. I have been very surprised, what I view after their turn with the camera.

We eat dinner at the table with the whole family 5 out of 7 nights a week. It is only natural at this point. Those other 2 or 3 nights of the week we're still at the table, but we might not have all of us there. We have an incredible bond through our meals at home. I feel it is the heart of our home. As the mother and wife I pursue this routine, this essential part of human life, food! as a labor of love. I adore that Tres also feels the value of our meal time,our family time. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A drive in the woods in search of snow...success!

It was rainy and super icy but we had a great time.