Monday, September 28, 2015

Tahkenitch Creek on Sunday

Yesterday while Jake and Ruben rode quads in the dunes. Tres, Spencer and I went for a hike at Tahkenitch Creek Trail. Spencer ran ahead on the trail then hid in the brush and would jump out and scare us, then squeal in delight and run ahead and do it again. So for a few moments tres and I walked hand in hand, exchanged a few words of affection while standing over the slow flowing creek. It was pretty sweet and I'll take those moments whenever I can get them. 
We came to a place along the creek that I have come to love. We sat in the sun, on the sandy bank and visited briefly. Viewed the log jam, reminisced over our summer days. Discussed the future of our fall time fun. There are few quiet moments with a nine year old joining us, always something to chat about or pretend play about. Tres is so good at engaging this play, he even ran ahead on the trail to scare Spencer and I. Spencer loved it and then became a zombie walking the trail. 
As I have said so many times... I am grateful to have such easy access to places like this. I'll trade in a strip mall and fine dining for this piece of beauty any day! Sunday church of the outdoors happend today and I walked away with a full and grateful heart.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Garden Notes

The garden is winding down. The flowers in September have been perfect! I'll need to remember to plant more flowers next year. I made a flower crown for fun, I've always wanted to do that. I wore it for the day, while  homemaking in my own unproductive way. Carrots are ready, basil, and tomatoes too. Nothing really came of my summer squashes and aphids destroyed my kale patch. Herbs have been plenty this year and growing strong. I'll miss garden sitting... Yes it is such a thing for me. Where I just sit in the garden... Watch, listen, feel. It is a heavenly place for me even in my simple and rustic garden. I dream of a hoop house and one day wintering over veggies. Harvesting every season and garden sitting year round. I love marigolds!! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First day of school

Rubens first day of middle school. I can't believe it!!! Spencer's first day of 4th grade a new school for him too. This summer flew by. I'm not going to lie....I was looking forward to a routine of school days. At the same time we are so good at being together, unplugged, camping, swimming, exploring our outdoors, and eating by a campfire. This ease of just being felt so right that it really has been the hardest transition we've experienced so far. The back to school transition was more challenging than I had expected, honestly. We are getting through it and routines are being established. We are calling ourselves weekend warriors and setting a goal to get out as often as possible. This is one of the best backbtonschoolbohotis we have had so far. I love my boys and I am so proud and excited to see what this school year brings! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gold Beach and the Mighty Rogue River

Last week we spent a few days camping at the beach at the south jetty of the Rogue river. Our friends the Chandlers are so generous to let us borrow their Big foot trailer for camping. Which made camping life pretty easy. 
We did the usual for us.... Bike rides, fishing, more fishing, surfing, and biking to the port to buy icecream cone. It was pretty easy and went by so fast. I have a feeling we'll be in this area in the future during the last days of summer break. The fish are biting we know that! And to catch a fresh from the ocean Chinook would be so Awesome! We camped illegally "pirate camping" we call it. We stayed tidy and away from most of the jetty traffic. No one bothered us during our  free two night ocean front camp spot!