Monday, September 28, 2015

Tahkenitch Creek on Sunday

Yesterday while Jake and Ruben rode quads in the dunes. Tres, Spencer and I went for a hike at Tahkenitch Creek Trail. Spencer ran ahead on the trail then hid in the brush and would jump out and scare us, then squeal in delight and run ahead and do it again. So for a few moments tres and I walked hand in hand, exchanged a few words of affection while standing over the slow flowing creek. It was pretty sweet and I'll take those moments whenever I can get them. 
We came to a place along the creek that I have come to love. We sat in the sun, on the sandy bank and visited briefly. Viewed the log jam, reminisced over our summer days. Discussed the future of our fall time fun. There are few quiet moments with a nine year old joining us, always something to chat about or pretend play about. Tres is so good at engaging this play, he even ran ahead on the trail to scare Spencer and I. Spencer loved it and then became a zombie walking the trail. 
As I have said so many times... I am grateful to have such easy access to places like this. I'll trade in a strip mall and fine dining for this piece of beauty any day! Sunday church of the outdoors happend today and I walked away with a full and grateful heart.  

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