Monday, April 25, 2011

Kitchen update...

It looks like we're moved in but not yet...still have cardboard countertops!

Cabinets are installed, appliances have been put in their places, most electrical is done, mostly functioning kitchen at this point. Pulls will be installed soon, counter tops are being worked on right now! Coming together so nicely, just a few more things to do. I have not move into the kitchen yet. The food pantry is still in the foyer and most dishes are still in boxes under the table. We are getting close and I think at this point it is safe to say that I will be able to move in by the end of this week! More pics to saw my post on the pot rack. The glass pulls were made by a local glass artist, which turned out better than  I thought they would, I just love them. Exciting stuff around here!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ruben and Spencer's first time boogie boarding in the Siuslaw River.

Spencer's turn now!

Tres and Ruben at the Pole

Spencer gets a ride with Dad.
 I was surprised how willing he was to just go for it. Of course he would follow his dad anywhere and we(the kids & I) are all getting a little anxious for some time in the surf, but we are fair weather surfers. The water was really surging up the river so this was not really the best day to take the kids out. Spencer took his turn next after Ruben. What a brave and dedicated boy to take second turn, since that meant putting a cold and wet suit on. We are down to one kid wetsuit now, so the boys are sharing. They both caught a few waves with Tres and then called it a day, until the sun comes back.  We're getting stoked for the Otter Rock-N-Roll coming up in June for International Surfing Day. This will be the boy's second contest!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day...Thank you! a beautiful day paddling, hiking, sun seeking on this lovely planet Earth.

I got lucky today and had a windy paddle in the kayak with my adventurous friend Heidi. We paddled Carter Lake, to a campsite, then pulled the yaks out there to find our selves on a hike crossing a bridge seeking sun and sand. We were successful in sun and sand! The ocean was covered in white caps so we did not venture to the beach, but found a tuft of beach grass to lay down out of the wind and enjoy the rays of sun in this early spring weather. We were both so grateful for the sun and time together. Ahhh good times and so close to home, I love the Oregon Coast!

A pot rack for Amber...

Yes I am blogging my pot rack! I love this thing...why? Hand made by a local welder, all my cast iron can hang so nicely here just above my range, just right, did I mention hand made here in Florence! I could probably do chin ups on this thing too! I am stoked on my pot rack hanging just right in between cabinets. Happy enough to want to share it with you. Here it is along with this kitchen that is coming together after a long wait of piecing it together.

A little Easter Egg fun!

Art...finding your medium

hand thrown pot by Cynthia
A recent visit from a friend inspired and reminded  me of the art we create in our lives. I had mentioned I was seeking a new medium of art. She pointed  to the  kitchen I had created, food and soups I make for my family. This was art, a womanly art of the home. It is true and I was satisfied for the moment. I seek more...I have a thirst for more creating. What will it be...gardening for sure, more remodeling!(no, not for a while), clay, glass? What are you doing to create?...

A little art work for counter tops...

So I am waiting for laminate to be installed on my counter tops... for now its just wood with cardboard protecting it. The boys have decided to decorate it with dinosaurs and other creatures drawn with crayons. I am so excited to share the kitchen coming together. It has just taken so long. Each week we move a little closer.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest reader at Spencer's school! ...Florence Montessori School alumni Ruben Tucker

Bike safety at Cub Scouts

I just love this picture of Tres with all the kids in Ruben's Cub Scouts Club. Ruben invited Spencer and I to join him this evening while they met at Miller Park for biking. More biking for us! We arrived on Monday at 6pm...this is right in the middle of baseball season and the park is packed with ball players. Spencer thought there was a carnival happening because the parking lot was so full of cars. We have never been to the park when so many people were there. With that in mind, Spencer still rode the park like he was the only one there, so...a little stressful for mama bear. He is so independent and loves to ride his bike! The scouts practiced hand signals for biking. Tres volunteered to demonstrate the bike riding etiquette and signals. He received a lot of compliments on his custom home made bike seat. Good times...I was thinking his bike could be named Orange Crush and mine could be Blue Crush...isn't that silly!

Monday, April 18, 2011

MIller Park morning...biking in the skate park!

Here was one of the most impressionable and inspiring moments for Ruben. We arrived at Miller in the morning, since most teenagers aren't out and about riding during this time, I promised the boys we could ride in the park, but not if it was full of other bikers. To our luck we shared the park with just one other biker...Josh. Ruben was truly impressed with Josh's skills in biking. He made the park and his bike seem like a toy. Ruben loudly cheered him on and told him how great his tricks were..."That was awesome!! Mom did you see that?!"   "This guy is really really good!" I agreed he is good and fun to watch. Josh was humble, he smiled and went on another run through the park. No handers, at least 3 feet in the air, jumping, spinning, and landing just right, with speed and grace. It was very cool! So this post is for Josh...we think you are an awesome biker, keep up the good work! and don't forget a helmet my friend...impressionable minds are watching you and your mind is a precious thing to have!

A visit from Dad at school.

Tres came to mine and Spencr's classroom today. He came in during his lunch period, so he didn't get to stay long. Spencer was so excited to have his dad in class. He was just finishing lunch, and then wanted to show him the steelhead eggs we are hatching in a tank, introduce him to friends, and show him his favorite animal matching game. The other children we interested in Tres too, they had all sorts of questions. Children are so curious and funny. It is such a delight to witness children trying to figure out their world and the people in it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A suprise to see so many snakes out so early in the season.

This was one of the six snakes we say today. I think they were all the same kind of snake.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wildlife from the dyke hike

Ants with wings...we saw at least 4 anthills, 6 gardener snakes(Ruben picked one up and made me scream & then him too when it wiggled and opened its mouth), and red winged blackbirds in the tree. Always on the lookout for wildlife. The boys always bring up the alligator and manatees we saw in FL when we were canoeing, the wildlife, water and woods reminds them of it. They have to be reminded alligators do not live in OR.

A hike across the dyke...another family adventure.

We were blessed with some warmed weather. Warm enough to leave down and wool behind and go in fleece. We knew the water would be to high to get to the dunes. I didn't think today would be a day to take my shoes off and cross the flowing stream. We did though and it was exciting and cold to get to the other side. Spencer on my back and Ruben on Tres' we crossed the flowing water to get to the dunes. In a previous post...maybe frog eggs and ice, we were in this same area, but the dyke was a different access. This wilderness area is so wonderful. We are so lucky to have such easy access to secluded nature so close to home. This adventure as any other is what fills me up and I realize the power of this family time. I thank my adoring husband and our children for the love of the outdoors. This is one of the many moments that fill me up.