Saturday, April 23, 2011

Art...finding your medium

hand thrown pot by Cynthia
A recent visit from a friend inspired and reminded  me of the art we create in our lives. I had mentioned I was seeking a new medium of art. She pointed  to the  kitchen I had created, food and soups I make for my family. This was art, a womanly art of the home. It is true and I was satisfied for the moment. I seek more...I have a thirst for more creating. What will it be...gardening for sure, more remodeling!(no, not for a while), clay, glass? What are you doing to create?...


  1. I'd love to get into working with clay again. We have been talking about finding a wheel for quite some time. It's true though, that your creativity in the kitchen is a form of art as well. Anything can, really - it's all in how it's done and where it comes from I think.

  2. I love to work with clay, hand building and the wheel. I have a kick wheel on the deck, it is out in the open so dry weather is best. It presents more of a challenge with a kick, but that is what I learned on. When I get it spruced up for the summer weather, I'll let you know and you could go for it! Amber