Friday, January 30, 2015

Evening walk

Every chance I get to take a walk or jog by the lake I do! Last night was no exception. I met a friend and walked through the park watching the sun go down over still calm water. It is magical, beautiful, wonderful! So happy to call this my neighborhood. 

A Funday in January

We had the most amazing weather here over the weekend. I think I got a little sun burnt even! It is such a relief to get a day like this in the middle of winter. It felt like May!! I have lots of flowers popping up in the yard, I hope there will be a few left for the spring. We spent the morning on the beach playing, enjoying each other's company, and just relaxing. We came home from the beach and did some yard work, I felt like pulling weeds and planting seeds. I did get quite a few weeds out but I'm saving the seeds for a few more months. I know the frost will come back and this day was just one of those freak weather days... Global warming, El Ninia, type. Everything felt alive and energized by the sun and warmth including us! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Taking It All In

From the lake to the river and then the beach. I love where we live and I am so grateful to set my eyes on each of these places any given day. 

Newest Family Member

Meet our niece and cousin Ziyana Helene. She was born 1/16/15 to theloving  parents Aaron and Danell. We welcome her with our hearts and all the excitement for the life and love she will receive. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weekend Outings

The boys and I went hiking at Sweet Creek Falls in Mapleton this weekend. We drove there via Maple Creek, a one lane road through the mountains, we didn't see another  car for an hour. It was awesome!! To get outside in nature, on this cold and foggy day, we felt pretty lucky to have it all. To us anyways... Having it all means access to the great outdoors where water rushes, salamanders crossing, and pools of clean clear water wait for splashing and exploring. My favorite comment was " let's come back in the summer time" you bet !! I was so proud  to hear them talk about how nature changes by season, and this place will be completely different six months from now. We will certainly return... With swim short, towels, goggles, and a blanket for sun bathing. For now we'll take down jackets and rubber boots to explore what winter has to show at this glorious waterfall and creek. The loud sound of this full and rushing creek was so comforting to me. It is what we sought and what we got. The quiet loudness of nature. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Winter Vacation at the Beach

Clear and cold at the beach, we spent several days and evenings here. Tres surfing, the boys and I tide pooling, beach combing, meditating, exploring, and playing where the imagination takes them. I call this a staycation, where we go on day trips and spend time outdside with each other and friends. Vacation is wrapping up and the school schedule returns soon. It has been a great break and memories made and time well spent.