Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Dreamroll 2016

My dad in the selfie I took as we are leaving East Mapleton Road heading west on hwy 126.

Tres and Dad rode with us to poodle creek road, where Sara, Rikki, and I continued to WA. 
The Moto games were so fun to watch! Here's is Sara first in line for the timed  keg push.
Sara and rikki for the partner Moto games, weave the cones and place the tennis ball on tip of cone. 
Pretty dust place! They didn't water the field or mow! It's an old airstrip at the base of Mt. Adams in WA. We camped along the tree line. Ladies got rowdy and did a lot of burnouts and dancing in the field to our dj, made a huge dust cloud. 
The pink sky! CHEERS­čŹ╗ campout night was beautiful and it finally cooled off after a 100* + heat wave. 
Our camp spot from my tent. Rikki made a camp on the trailer. 
Rest area on I-5. Hard to believe I rode 300 miles in one day! My bike preformed really well, and I met a goal, faced a fear, and did something I never thought I would be doing. We took frequent breaks, the heat in a motorcycle is no fun, lots of drink and shade breaks were needed. 
We took a day ride from camp to the white salmon River. This river is colder than the ocean! And we dipped in!! It was frigid take your breath, die in minutes  kind of water! It felt good once we were out. 

The raffle at the Dreamroll, a lot  great gifts! So many awesome designers and new companies making ladies riding gear and fashion. 
I had a lot of fun, we partied, rode our butts off, and pushed ourselves each day. Great memory!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Family Campout

We met family at Mt. Thielson View campground on Diamknd Lake. The view was priceless! So beautiful all times of the day. 

Setting up camp we had lights, hammock, three tents, 6 bikes, & one  kayak. A lot of citronella and bug spray! 
Each day we went exploring. This was an amazing's place called Buck Creek. Rope swing, water fall, deep cool pool, fast moving creek, cliff jumping, shade and sun. This place is definitely magical. 

The next day we spent in Prospect at Lost Crek Resivoir. The kids went tubing behind a ski boat, we used the SUP's, and swam. The shade tree was our spot for picnicking and lingering all day. I loved spending this day with my sisters. 

A day spent at Crater Lake. We saw the distant forest fire while driving the rim of the crater. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Smith River Falls

Earlier in the summer while I was out on a motorcycle ride in the back country of Douglas County, I flew right past this beautiful site. I knew I would  have to bring my family back for  a day trip, we love water.... Swimming holes, water falls, and rope swings make my clutch of boys quite happy.  We spent the day together in nature. A reoccurring theme in this family, that I am proud of.