Tuesday, February 17, 2015

President's Day in the great PNW🌲

We went up north In Search of waves, and found sun, small waves, and a great hiking trail. We watched the waves and determined a hike was going to happen before surfing. Ruben brought his bike in hopes for a little mountain biking. He ride ahead while Tres and I hiked along. Among the old growth and marbled murrelet nesting  habitat and elk crossing. The trail was lively and gorgeous, and lush. I think having this kind if a Forrest so close to the crashing waves, rocky reef, tide pools and sand is so unique. From one extreme environment to the next in just a few steps. What a gift! The temps turned here on the coast have been incredible!! 60-70    In February with all this new life buzzing and blossoming is making spring feel like it's so close. When in fact it is!! What a perfect morning spent up north with my family. 

❤️Valentine's Day Date❤️

We visited one of our favorite beaches for a Valentine's Day sunset. Followed by Thai take-out and a a game of bananagrams. It was perfect for us. I'm pretty happy to have Tres as my Valentine. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Saturday Night Fun

Some may call it a boring. A Saturday night at the beach with a fire and a view that is priceless, with my beloveds, a few snacks and drinks to share by the fire. I call it perfect.