Monday, February 29, 2016

Garden Beginnings

Using reclaimed driftwood from the beach Tres gave our garden beds some maintenance. Some were rotting and a few needed moving. We took a fence down that we no longer needed and made a larger through space for walking and lawn mowing. It was a great day working in the yard. I look forward to our next yard project.  Already making plans for next weekend's gardening.  Nothing like a backyard fire to end a hard days work in the yard. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekend Fun

It's pretty easy pleasing this family, when you've got a clear day and time to play. 

Pussywillows are my favorite winter bouquet! They grow everywhere on South Jetty Road! 
The boys took the neighborhood over with their basketball hoop. Played until dark with kids of all ages in the neighborhood. When no one wanted it to be over, we built a fire in the driveway and invited everyone over. I think this may be what childhood is all about. I'm feeling pretty good about Tres and I doing it right. I want my boys to remember evenings like this. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day and a three day weekend

Pancho turned eight years old on the 14. We love him and he is such a great furry friend. Happy Birthday Pancho!

Sunday low tide walk on the beach. It was wet, windy and cold, but very refreshing. Tres surfed the river.

I hand stitched hearts for a Valnetine bunting and had Valentine treats from Aunt Mary. 
Tres took me out for breakfast for Valentines Day. Which I though was much better idea that dinner. We both had a Bloody Mary, my first one ever actually. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

29 days of drawing

This month we are doing 29 days of drawing. Each day a simple item to be drawn. We've done a blind contour drawing, some pen and ink, pencil, and contour drawings. We are improving and learning as we go. Some of our drawings take 3 or 5 minutes, some get more attention and detail. However the best part of all of it, is doing this together. Art has a wonderful way to quiet the mind and soften the mood, and connect each other. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Snap shots from the weekend

I am usually amazed at all the things that happen over a weekend for us. I didn't include Spencer and I taking a swim at the pool, Tres surfing, or Ruben riding atv's. The weekend was full and Monday always comes too fast. 
Both boys are playing basketball. Saturday games and practice three nights a week. 
Ruben brought home several ducks from the last duck hunting the season.  We'll be having duck for dinner tonight. 
I thrifted like crazy this weekend and got a bunch of great material for crafting and making. Zipper pouches as seen on previous post and these lovely Lacey dream catchers, which will be hung together in a cluster of 5, from a piece of drift wood. 
A tiny agate I found at stone field beach. Tres is really into the Rock hounding. I'm more into the wave watching or sketching from a cozy spot on the beach. The weather wasn't so good for sketch books so I looked for agates too. 
The boys do a combination of rock throwing, nerf gun play, rock hounding, and taking short videos in time lapse. Ruben created a you tube channel this weekend! He's searching for subscribers!! 
The boys way down the beach... I don't care for walking in these stones, hard on the ankles. But I love watching and taking shorter walks.