Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spencer on his new bike. He has the eye of the tiger while riding his bike with gears. Growing each day, more confident than ever on his bike.

Rosie in the garden.

Power tools brings a whole new dimension to pumpkin carving. The boys took their time carving the pumpkins with these tools.

The boys seemed to of grown a few inches after using these tools.

Ruben's first bobbing for apples!

Face painting. Tres is a such a sport allowing Spencer to use his face as a canvas.

Face painting! Halloween, just around the corner.

The boys were invited to a little Halloween party at their friends house down the street. I painted both of their faces. When I finished painting them, they talked Tres into letting them paint his face. I thought this was pretty sweet of him, such a devoted dad. Spencer had such a good time painting Tres. I laughed and laughed, knowing black is the hardest color to get off, and just to see what the kids were doing to him. Good times! Not sure what they were trying to make him look like, but the black and green are enough to know its Halloween! Boooh!

More from the kitchen...salsa. My first time making salsa, this was a fun little adventure. Turned out pretty & tastey.

Homework by candle light...anything to inspire learning. Good Job Ruben!

Simple gifts from the kitchen.

I have decided that the kitchen is my hobby and art. Many people make beautifu things; scarfs, mittens, pottery, poetry, or even sculptures made of scrap metals. I have found much satisfaction and awe from the time I have spent in the kitchen with mediums such as tomatoes, cilantro

wild mushrooms, farmers market beets and pie pumpkins. I love art and appreciate the talents of many others. I have always wanted to be an artist. It has occurred to me that I am an artist. An artist of the abundance that is around me, an artist of food. My favorite medium is organic and local, and things that look and taste good. Salsa! Beets! Soup! ah so many more...Such loveliness inspires me to make good things. I declare my!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Homecoming dance, Fall 2010

At the last minute Jake decided to join his friends at SHS Homecoming dance. I was sure to get a picture of Jake and his buddy Will before taking them to the HS. I felt time moving this evening after I had dropped Jake at the curb of his high school. I realized the moments of our lives are here and gone so quickly and I wanted to savor the time with him. Witnessing the moments leading up to this evenings events, became a moment of mothering that makes my heart grow bigger and your eyes get a little wet. I love this tall, handsome, smart, and funny son of mine.

Sunday bike ride with family.

This was a great day. My parents, sister, brother, and neices, met us at Honeyman for bike riding. We all have bikes now. We had a great time and the view was fantastic. The kids were so excited it was just fun listening to them. Melisa did an awesome job of leading all the kids, teaching them bike riding ettiquite and safety. Aaron looked for mushrooms while riding his bike off the trail at the same time. We were all glad to have been together and
for having such a fun activity to do with everyone. Making memories, living the good life.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cast iron turns out good no matter what I put in it. It is amazing!

I still made my soup on Souper Sunday and was even able to share it with friends. Tonight I went for a bake or casserole. The family left the table filled up, and ate a bunch of veggies without even knowing it. This is one of those qualities that a bake or casserole has that I will always hold in high regard.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jellyfish Jubilee 2010 at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Tres won tickets to this food and wine event from KLCC radio station. We had a really fun time together. The kids got quality time with Grandma and Grandpa. We got a free date!

Saturday morning pancake party! Good times at home with friends.

We had such a beautiful September morning. I was inspired to make blueberry pancakes. The kids were excited to have friends over for breakfast.