Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiny airplanes

I found this the other day, Ruben is really into paper airplanes he has made hundreds all different kinds and sizes. This one has to be she smallest I have seen. I accidentally found it while sweeping up an area that looked like the storm had come into our house....paper, tape, scissors = quiet entertainment. I picked it up and decided to keep this petite paper airplane. I love tiny things.

A fort in the storm

Pancho wasn't sure he liked the fort. It entertained the boys for a very long time...catching him, putting him in the fort and then blocking any little hole in the fort that he escaped from. Pancho consistently a good sport.

With the heavy wind and rain outside we dug in and stayed inside for several days. Kids get a little stir crazy, so I distracted them with a fort next to a door with a window for plenty of light (oh no, there will be NO candles in the fort). This became our place. First it was just the two of them and all the stuffed animals they could find and all the cozy blankets too. Later Tres and I joined them in the fort for a few games of UNO and Swap(we eventually made the fort bigger). With a small space like this the battery lantern worked well to light the whole place up. Ruben was so comfortable in the fort he spent two nights sleeping in his fort, Spencer tried but within 20 minutes he was up the stairs to our bed. Forts have always been a favorite of mine, whether they are out in the woods, in the back yard, or just behind the couch a fort always creates a magical space, especially when you have a sibling to share it with.

He can read on his own now!

It just happens like that for some readers. All of the sudden you get it, the sounding out, blending sounds, putting the sounds together and then you have a word. This process can take a while and sometimes it is hard to know what exactly you sounded out after you're done. Well not anymore. Spencer truly had his "lift off" for reading and got the big picture of how you blend the sounds to make words. It was one of those moments in parenting where you think your heart might explode :) (not really) but what I mean was I was so proud and my heart was so full when I saw how delighted he was at what he had accomplished. The confidence, the eagerness, and showing all of us how he can now read was priceless. Tres and I explained to him that now he can go anywhere in the world and any place in time, just by reading a book. What freedom to give a five year old! That one he couldn't quite wrap his head around, but he will.

After the nap...

We had quite a change in the weather for the last week. My last post I was napping in the sun and two days later we were covered in snow and then hit with a major wind storm and flooding. We went for 3 days with now power watched 90 mph winds come through the trees above our home. We all did fine being home and felt safe here too.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nature Nap

Today the sun was shining so bright and warm. I decided to use my solo time for a walk at a nearby hiking trail. I walked through the woods under the canopy of the trees where it was cool and damp. The trail came to the open sand and sun, where it was dry and warm directly in the sun. I decided to take a few extra moments to sit...and then lay in the sun and enjoy the warmth on a Friday afternoon in January on the Oregon coast! Amazing this weather we have, and my theory is get it while I can, because it may just start to rain and not stop for a very long time. So lovely this trail in dunes, quiet with no one around. Quiet and warm enough for me to doze off for just a bit, what a treat.

Ice cream party!

Mark shows Ruben and Spencer how to make ice cream.

Spencer helps Cynthia clean the ice cream off the mixer.
Our friends Mark and Cynthia came over the other night with their hand crank ice cream maker. After a very tasty dinner we started the ice cream and shortly afterward we had delicious creamy vanilla ice cream. We all had a chance to turn the crank and then to eat the sweet cold goodness. The ice cream was very rich and fun to make. Yet there isn't much that compares to good company, great laughs, and a shared meal with dear friends.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aquarium Days

Spencer and Ruben both have aquariums in their rooms now. Each day they observe their fish. They interpret the fish behaviors and watch their patterns of swimming, resting, and interacting with other fish. It is especially fun to look in the tank when the room is dark. The fish tank is a big bedtime procrastination. Though at first I thought it to be a distraction, now I see it as a way for the two boys to calm down, be quiet, & just watch. Then get into bed, turn out the light, and watch the tank from bed as their eyes get very heavy, until they fall asleep. Kind of peaceful to have a piece of nature in your room. Calming to hear the water trickle through the filter, and just plain fun to have a tank of little fish to care for.

Show and Tell

Spencer brought the share bag home from school. The note said no toys, but something from nature, a picture, or something special. He decided to bring this outfit. His baby outfit from his first Christmas. With the little slippers to go with. They are so tiny, he was surprised they did fit him a long time ago. Wow...look how much you have grown. He said all of his class mates and teacher said "ohhh, how cute" and he loved it. What I thought was so cute is that this outfit, was actually first Jake's first Christmas 17 years ago and then 11 years later Ruben's first Christmas outfit, and then three years after that Spencer's first Christmas outfit.  I can remember holding each of my babies in this little Christmas pajama set. I think this may be one of those things I hold on to for quite a while still. Just folding and handling this fabric took me right back, interesting how our senses can do that for our hearts or minds. Very precious and certainly worth sharing.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Ruben and Tres about to surf the river

Spencer and Tres, Spencer was so excited he danced a lil jig and shook his booty then made Tres do it too! :)

There countless things to do at the beach. We never really get enough, especially when the sun is out, then the moon and there is no wind. Today we made sand angels, built sandcastles, surfed, sled down the dunes, collected wood, played with friends, family, dogs, and warmed ourselves by the fire as the sun set. A very good day.

Moonlight Surfing

Spencer's second surf session at the pole. This time under the moonlight. What a lucky boy! What a magical night!

Mark Chandler getting the last wave of the evening by moonlight. Night surfing anyone? Very tempting.

Magic shirts

Ruben and Spencer were so impressed with their new tshirts. They change colors in the sun and dark! So Cool! Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Tucker sent these fun tshirts for Christmas. Usually I would say clothing is not a safe gift to give my kiddos, since they are quite particular about their clothing, but these tshirts really were a hit and super fun to see the color changes and more animals appear and disappear. We miss our Grandma and Grandpa in Florida.  It is pretty cute to listen how often Florida comes up in imaginative play too. Whenever they are going on an adventure or setting up some kind of lego fortress, fort out of blankets and couch cushions Florida seems to work its way into their geography. Florida brings good memories to them....lizards and grandparents two very important things for these two boys.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Friends who surf

Spencer greets our friend John Morris, as he gets out of the river from surf session. I have always liked the way we see our surfing friends when we go to the beach. Most of the time it is unexpected, you never know who you are going to see when you go to the beach. It was a real treat to see John. One of our long time friends we don't see often. No better time to greet someone than getting out of the water, you get a little contact high or a little vibration from those who have just been surf board riding. It is something special to surf, such a clean simple way to feel exhilarated. I feel lucky to raise my kids to surf and around those who surf.

Dancing Dog

I am certain Pancho loves to dance as much as his family does. He never tries to hide or run away. In fact he will often kiss anyone he is slow dancing with. Ruben and Spencer line up to dance with Pancho. I still get a great laugh every time I see the boys dancing with their dog, or having a "doggy dance lesson" as Ruben likes to call it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh what fun it is to play with toys all day long...

Spencer and Ruben watch their baking soda and vinegar fill a balloon with gas! Science in a bottle, loads of fun that have just begun. Thank you Aunt Kerri your gifts are always a hit!

For now, and I really mean for the temporary. This lego dragon will suffice for the real bearded dragon Ruben dreams, talks, draws, and thinks about every day.

Oh lego, how you bring out the quiet in my boys and the mess in my house. Beware! it is possible to seriously injure yourself between the hours of 1 am and 5 am walking in the house barefoot after a lengthy lego session. Oh and legos thank you for providing an avenue for the work in fine motor skills, hours of imaginative play, and for the pride a complete project legos bring to my sons.

Pajama Party!

Sounds silly, and it was! A pajama party with my two sisters, mom, aunt, and a friend was a very good time. We had an ocean view, few  bottles of wine and some tequilla, several fun games, and each other's company to make an evening to remember. It is a treat to get to spend time with these women that I love.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Sunset on New Year's Day

Two sessions today, very happy man.

Spencer drawing in the sand. He drew his doubles math facts too! So smart!
New Year's Day wow, time flies so fast! It seems to be speeding up too, the older I get the faster time goes! Well there is no place like the beach to slow things down a bit to really enjoy the day, to make it last, and to help bring focus to the important things in life....family, nature, and friends. We spent an afternoon at the beach with friends climbing dunes and sledding down, watching Tres catch long rides on big waves, building sandcastles, and then seeing the sky go from blue and grey to pink and purple. What a day! 2012 will be a great year. This year I want spend even more time in nature, create more efficient sustaining routines in our home, and find new ways to express ourselves artfully. This will certainly be a great year 2012. Best to you all in the new year!