Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He can read on his own now!

It just happens like that for some readers. All of the sudden you get it, the sounding out, blending sounds, putting the sounds together and then you have a word. This process can take a while and sometimes it is hard to know what exactly you sounded out after you're done. Well not anymore. Spencer truly had his "lift off" for reading and got the big picture of how you blend the sounds to make words. It was one of those moments in parenting where you think your heart might explode :) (not really) but what I mean was I was so proud and my heart was so full when I saw how delighted he was at what he had accomplished. The confidence, the eagerness, and showing all of us how he can now read was priceless. Tres and I explained to him that now he can go anywhere in the world and any place in time, just by reading a book. What freedom to give a five year old! That one he couldn't quite wrap his head around, but he will.

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