Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A fort in the storm

Pancho wasn't sure he liked the fort. It entertained the boys for a very long time...catching him, putting him in the fort and then blocking any little hole in the fort that he escaped from. Pancho consistently a good sport.

With the heavy wind and rain outside we dug in and stayed inside for several days. Kids get a little stir crazy, so I distracted them with a fort next to a door with a window for plenty of light (oh no, there will be NO candles in the fort). This became our place. First it was just the two of them and all the stuffed animals they could find and all the cozy blankets too. Later Tres and I joined them in the fort for a few games of UNO and Swap(we eventually made the fort bigger). With a small space like this the battery lantern worked well to light the whole place up. Ruben was so comfortable in the fort he spent two nights sleeping in his fort, Spencer tried but within 20 minutes he was up the stairs to our bed. Forts have always been a favorite of mine, whether they are out in the woods, in the back yard, or just behind the couch a fort always creates a magical space, especially when you have a sibling to share it with.

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