Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Day Date

I have wanted to explore Sparrow Park Road and trails for quite a while now. Since the ocean was not so great for surfing today and the boys were busy. Tres decided  he would go with me to look for a lake off sparrow park road only accessible by foot. We hiked in on a gorgeous trail through the first and came out  at Threemile lake. It was beautiful and I was grateful to have finally come to this place that I read about and looked for on the map many times. Best of all it was with Tres and it was 20 minutes from our home. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blue Friday

We don't shop Black Friday. We like to go be outside at the beach or in the woods. This year we had our cousins with us. I told them today we are having Blue Friday. While Tres did the last elk hunt of the year. I took the boys and pancho, Cutter Fagen Katlyn and their dog Stella, Alex, Lakia, Dayla, my mom and Mandy Melissa's dog. To Siltcoos beach where Blue Friday was a success! We all walked to the river mouth, watched the seals fishing for salmon. I would say Blue Friday was a perfect everyone got something out and it cost no one a thing! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Shiloh Sundstrom of Deadwood, Oregon

Beloved man, son, brother, uncle, friend. Amazing human, steward of land, animals, and people. You will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Your boisterous and contagious laugh, your incredible appetite, your gentle hand, and  strong leadership. We love you Shiloh. Our world will not be same without you. Forever in our hearts.  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Back to Family Swim Night

With the change in weather and darkness falling so early, we have gone back to weekly swim night. I love this time with my family. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life in the Tucker's House

I adore that Spencer plays still. He's mature and yet still playful. I have been keeping toys around to build and make with. Meaningful play, that supports his still growing brain. Screen time for kids these days could actually interrupt important elements of brain development and social relationships. I'm trying to help my kids experience a balance, isn't that what life is? A balance. 
Ruben is incredibly silly and in this picture  using his creativeness to keep himself and me entertained. Wearing his dad's sweatshirt in the most unusual way. He had me laughing!  
I adore rainy windy Saturday mornings.  I get to linger in bed, sip coffee from my favorite mug and cuddle up under a blanket hand stitched by Tres' grandma. 
I experienced some big disappointment today. It was tougher than I thought it would be. I have been trying to get a full time job, we need the income badly. Ironically I was contacted by both agencies on the same day, within an hour from each other, that I was not accepted for the positions at either place. It was quite a blow to my anticipation and hopefulness. I feel like it is a test of my strength. I am hopeful some sort of work will come up again in the quiet little town we live in. 
I love seeing Tres on the river. He is so happy here, fishing, bird watching, and being together next to the river. I feel lucky to have this so close! I am hopeful that another fish bites that lure! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

No School!

Friday was grading day at school. The end of the first quarter! I can't believe how quickly this went. The boys have done such a good job with their school work, attitude, effort, and responsibilities. I decided to let this day off be a friend day and an extra special treat... Movie Theater, we saw Peanuts the Movie. We so rarely go to the movies, I couldn't even remember the last movie I went to. The boys deserved a special treat though and I felt pretty good about being able to take them and bring friends.

 We had a day at home riding bikes, having snacks, playing nerf guns, chasing pancho, watching some super Moto Cross on YouTube. 

Then we went to the beach, of course! They ran and yelled and screamed! I thought for a moment... What would life be like if adults did this when they arrived at the beach, it gave me a good laugh thinking about the people leisurely walking on the beach, to be running from driftwood to water's edge yelling and acting like they were 10 years old. I bet people would age more slowly, the joy and energy of children is amazing. 

Monday, November 2, 2015


Spencer had the opportunity to take an airplane ride with a friend Sam Spade, a pilot and airplane owner. They flew over the house on Saturday morning last week. 

Spencer loved his ninja costume! He wore it for days, immediately becoming a ninja whenever he slipped into his costume. 
Ruben in the majestic Siusalw National forest. I joined his class to a field trip to Caper Perpetua.