Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Life in the Tucker's House

I adore that Spencer plays still. He's mature and yet still playful. I have been keeping toys around to build and make with. Meaningful play, that supports his still growing brain. Screen time for kids these days could actually interrupt important elements of brain development and social relationships. I'm trying to help my kids experience a balance, isn't that what life is? A balance. 
Ruben is incredibly silly and in this picture  using his creativeness to keep himself and me entertained. Wearing his dad's sweatshirt in the most unusual way. He had me laughing!  
I adore rainy windy Saturday mornings.  I get to linger in bed, sip coffee from my favorite mug and cuddle up under a blanket hand stitched by Tres' grandma. 
I experienced some big disappointment today. It was tougher than I thought it would be. I have been trying to get a full time job, we need the income badly. Ironically I was contacted by both agencies on the same day, within an hour from each other, that I was not accepted for the positions at either place. It was quite a blow to my anticipation and hopefulness. I feel like it is a test of my strength. I am hopeful some sort of work will come up again in the quiet little town we live in. 
I love seeing Tres on the river. He is so happy here, fishing, bird watching, and being together next to the river. I feel lucky to have this so close! I am hopeful that another fish bites that lure! 

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