Tuesday, November 10, 2015

No School!

Friday was grading day at school. The end of the first quarter! I can't believe how quickly this went. The boys have done such a good job with their school work, attitude, effort, and responsibilities. I decided to let this day off be a friend day and an extra special treat... Movie Theater, we saw Peanuts the Movie. We so rarely go to the movies, I couldn't even remember the last movie I went to. The boys deserved a special treat though and I felt pretty good about being able to take them and bring friends.

 We had a day at home riding bikes, having snacks, playing nerf guns, chasing pancho, watching some super Moto Cross on YouTube. 

Then we went to the beach, of course! They ran and yelled and screamed! I thought for a moment... What would life be like if adults did this when they arrived at the beach, it gave me a good laugh thinking about the people leisurely walking on the beach, to be running from driftwood to water's edge yelling and acting like they were 10 years old. I bet people would age more slowly, the joy and energy of children is amazing. 

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