Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer home

The big yellow bus you see there, we've been calling that our summer home.

We spent a few days in Mapleton, sleeping in the bus, our little home away from home. One great thing about summer in Mapleton is the river. The summer home provides great access to the river too. Just a little walk down to the river and you have entered a beautiful and precious place to explore. Making good memories here and having summer fun.


We have had a few outings this summer break, but lately we have been in our backyard...staycationing. Yes having a vacation in the back yard turns out to be quite fun. Well with rope swings, tree forts, fence building, stick sharpening and then burning in the fire, zip line, tether ball, and chicken tending there just isn't a reason to leave home. All the fun is just right here, in the back yard. It is fun and free! Doesn't it look like fun!

In my garden

My first time growing calendula. It seems to be quite happy. The flowers are lovely on the kitchen table, yet I know they have so much more to offer than just beauty. The cauliflower leaves have had some slug damage, but is still thriving and forming the first white crowns of cauliflower heads. I have a lot of parsely and more coming. This is a new herb for me to grow. The garden is looking so lively right now, it is such a pleasure to be in there.

Friday, July 27, 2012

An outing in the woods.

there really was no time to just sit, so much to explore.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July=Oregon Country Fair

Here are a few pics from our day at the fair. We had a great time. Tres' family met us there, we also saw other cousins, friends. We loved the radical costumes, the funnest parade, the fine handmade materials, I got a hat fromhttp://www.lostcoasthemp.com/about.html I loved Gypsy Caravan, the dancers were incredible. We took a swim in the Siuslaw on our way home to wash the fair off. The water felt so good. A wonderful July day, just how I remember them.

Grandpa visits

Tres's Dad arrived from Florida to see us. It was been great having Grandpa around, even Pancho enjoys Grandpa.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

my mornings lately

Getting used to the new road bike. It is fast and fun. Yet I have so far to go still. I finally got my very visible and bright jersey to ride on the hwy, here I go.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Loving the negative tide

Looking in low places for any little critter.

sun worshipping

Getting out to South Jetty on a negative tide is a real treat. There are so many little organisms to be found, touched, inspected, and sometimes collected. We could stay here all day. Any  beach on our coast would be a pleasure to visit on the negative tide.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Playing in the wilderness

We have always loved parks. We still love to go to parks...playgrounds, trails, interpretive sights, vegetation's, we love it all. Yet there is this new inspiration in both boys that are beyond the boundaries. It is an important to stay on the trail in a park, so not to disturb all of the vegetation you get to view from the trail. With this in mind Tres and I have gone beyond the state, county, and city parks to the National Forest. A place where there is no parking, water fountains, or signs even. A place where boys can wander as far as they feel comfortable. Exploring places where people don't frequent but animals do. I don't think we will ever grow out of our visits to any park, but the possibilities of the wilderness haven't even begun to set in with these two. For now it is..."can we do this again tomorrow?" A new chapter in parenting, it is surprising how quickly it changes from hanging out at the roped off area in the park, to parking in the middle of the dunes and watching them follow their heart's interest. Thank goodness for where we live!

Cousin Fun! oh so silly!

Lakia came for a few over nights this week. She is such a fun little girl. Ruben and Spencer love having her visit and I do too. We had sucha good time being together. I love the simple sillines the kids have together. Good times, great smiles, big laughs...this is only a tiny glimpse of the fun these two have.

Paddling the lake

This year Spencer is ready for paddling on his own. He is doing a fantastic job already, yet still likes to be a passenger with Tres or I. Ruben's kayak skills continue to grow and he becomes more confident. He is anxious to get the kayaks in the river. I imagine the sense of freedom it gives each one of  them on their little boat, paddling where they please. I am excited for them, nothing like some solo time on the water.

Friday, July 6, 2012

In The Raven II at sunset

Me and Melisa with Cody our Pilot and Melisa's sweetie.

south jetty

Siuslaw River, East Mapleton Road

A sunset fly ride with Cody from Apex Helicopter Tours!  What a blast! So amazing and beautiful. The best part of the ride...the company. xo