Monday, July 9, 2012

Playing in the wilderness

We have always loved parks. We still love to go to parks...playgrounds, trails, interpretive sights, vegetation's, we love it all. Yet there is this new inspiration in both boys that are beyond the boundaries. It is an important to stay on the trail in a park, so not to disturb all of the vegetation you get to view from the trail. With this in mind Tres and I have gone beyond the state, county, and city parks to the National Forest. A place where there is no parking, water fountains, or signs even. A place where boys can wander as far as they feel comfortable. Exploring places where people don't frequent but animals do. I don't think we will ever grow out of our visits to any park, but the possibilities of the wilderness haven't even begun to set in with these two. For now it is..."can we do this again tomorrow?" A new chapter in parenting, it is surprising how quickly it changes from hanging out at the roped off area in the park, to parking in the middle of the dunes and watching them follow their heart's interest. Thank goodness for where we live!

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