Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Angels 2016

This is 22 years for me attending Angels. This is my favorite annual get together. I adore every angel made, they are all so creative and beautiful. I made a few wreaths too. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Fresh and New Teenager!

Ruben turned 13 a few days ago. He has been an old soul since I first layed eyes on him. His connection to people and the world around always is strong. 
He turned 13 quickly! All of his changes are apparent and his metamorphosis is striking! I'm so proud of how he has grown. He brings so much joy and humor in our life. December 1st will always be a special day. I love you Ruben Reef Tucker.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Farmers Market

I attended the last farmers market. The produce was so abundant and beautiful! However the farmer said no more cold Saturday mornings until next May. I stocked up on winter squash, apples, and pears. 

I made several chai spice apple pie and a plain apple pie too. 
I made two batches of apple sauce and an apple pear sauce. 
I actually really enjoy canning. It's quite satisfying and beautiful all line up on a shelf. I'm also pleaded when I know all of the fruit came from a farm just 10 miles away! I'll miss this fresh fruit all winter.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween weekend

We made it to the kid's first haunted house. A fundraiser for the children's theater in Florence. The kids had a great fright! We went along with Shawn and Mason too. 

I went to a costume party with a a few friends at Darlings. We had a pretty good time! Tres and the boys did not join me. Our table of Halloween decorations! Small, simple, but cute. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

All in a Weekend

The pavement had patches of dry and wet... The air was humid but not raining. We hopped on our bikes at 5 pm hoping to get a ride in worth our time before the dark came in like a Monday morning. We made it up to Southview for a view point. We both said we could keep cruising... All the way to Utah or Arizona.  

I've fished for the last three days and got nothing. Well no fish anyways... But quality time with my sweetheart and a view to write home about! 

While the dishes had piled up and the laundry even higher... I decided to make a batch of Apple pear butter. I sliced and cored 5lbs of apples and pears combined. Next I  placed them in the crock pot to soften and simmer while I went to play for a bit. (Fishing then motorcycle riding.)
Soccer is the name of the game lately. Spencer is doing awesome at goal keeper. While Ruben still watches from the side lines while recovering from his head injury. It is very hard to watch and not join in. However Ruben is having  much better attitude than I thought he would. 
I took a little time to practice some henna from a batch I mixed up. It is one of my favorite parts of Spirit weavers Gathering, the henna class. 
Spencer played until dark the other night. His team had made it to finals. He'll be playing in a tournament the weekend after soccer league ends. 
I went with Tres to the beach Sunday morning. He watched for waves and I came along for a walk on the beach
All in a weekend, we pack as much fun in as we can... For next to nothing from our bank account. I sure appreciate where we live for making this fun so easy, cheap, and exciting. I do think that no matter what we do, when we are together we make the most if our time and really enjoy each other. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Siltcoos River Mouth

The snowy plover season has passed. Our favorite beach opens for just a few months. We love exploring this wild and alive beach and river. Today's low tide allowed us to explore both sides of the river. Pancho was determined to join us so he actually went swimming! He has never done that before. Even though it is October... We all got in too.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Summer Is Coming to an End

We celebrated 15 years of marriage in August. We treated our selves to dinner out. The best part was just being together, laughing, talking, and thinking of our future together. 
First day of school! Lakia is going to Siuslaw this year so we have her with us on  school nights. 
I am so lucky my mom gave me this motorcycle. I absolutely love riding. I've put 2k mikes in this bike in the last year and a half! I just want to keep riding and riding... The BMW GS 650 is the absolute best bike ever! It can take me anywhere. I do have to say... The Harley Davidson has a place in my life and one day I will own one... Just won't be satisfied until I do. A girl's got to have hobby goals right!? 
I mostly ride country roads, forest service roads, dual sport riding. Friday I rode 120 miles and saw two cars in four hours... I love that kind of riding.. And the scenery is amazing. 

We pressed apples with a press that had been in our family for over 50 years! My grandpa John Lagler built this press. One of my favorite fall  activities! 
Hot stuff on a skate board! 
Ruben's passion for motorcycles and riding is an inspiration to me too. One we'll be riding dual sports together! Trans American trail for graduation maybe!?!?! Life goals for me! 
Selfie with my Moto ❤️ somewhere In The Siuslaw National Forest... Fiddle Creek, I think. 
Our annual picnic with the Laglers. Spencer driving great grandpa. 
Last day swimming at Rain Rock... Ruben caught a lizard! 

Tres stopped at Rainrock on his way to Eugene the other day. We were swimming and he headed to the valley on his motorcycle to go out to dinner with Katlyn and his nephews. He looks like such a biker here!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Dreamroll 2016

My dad in the selfie I took as we are leaving East Mapleton Road heading west on hwy 126.

Tres and Dad rode with us to poodle creek road, where Sara, Rikki, and I continued to WA. 
The Moto games were so fun to watch! Here's is Sara first in line for the timed  keg push.
Sara and rikki for the partner Moto games, weave the cones and place the tennis ball on tip of cone. 
Pretty dust place! They didn't water the field or mow! It's an old airstrip at the base of Mt. Adams in WA. We camped along the tree line. Ladies got rowdy and did a lot of burnouts and dancing in the field to our dj, made a huge dust cloud. 
The pink sky! CHEERS­čŹ╗ campout night was beautiful and it finally cooled off after a 100* + heat wave. 
Our camp spot from my tent. Rikki made a camp on the trailer. 
Rest area on I-5. Hard to believe I rode 300 miles in one day! My bike preformed really well, and I met a goal, faced a fear, and did something I never thought I would be doing. We took frequent breaks, the heat in a motorcycle is no fun, lots of drink and shade breaks were needed. 
We took a day ride from camp to the white salmon River. This river is colder than the ocean! And we dipped in!! It was frigid take your breath, die in minutes  kind of water! It felt good once we were out. 

The raffle at the Dreamroll, a lot  great gifts! So many awesome designers and new companies making ladies riding gear and fashion. 
I had a lot of fun, we partied, rode our butts off, and pushed ourselves each day. Great memory!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Family Campout

We met family at Mt. Thielson View campground on Diamknd Lake. The view was priceless! So beautiful all times of the day. 

Setting up camp we had lights, hammock, three tents, 6 bikes, & one  kayak. A lot of citronella and bug spray! 
Each day we went exploring. This was an amazing's place called Buck Creek. Rope swing, water fall, deep cool pool, fast moving creek, cliff jumping, shade and sun. This place is definitely magical. 

The next day we spent in Prospect at Lost Crek Resivoir. The kids went tubing behind a ski boat, we used the SUP's, and swam. The shade tree was our spot for picnicking and lingering all day. I loved spending this day with my sisters. 

A day spent at Crater Lake. We saw the distant forest fire while driving the rim of the crater.