Sunday, September 18, 2016

Summer Is Coming to an End

We celebrated 15 years of marriage in August. We treated our selves to dinner out. The best part was just being together, laughing, talking, and thinking of our future together. 
First day of school! Lakia is going to Siuslaw this year so we have her with us on  school nights. 
I am so lucky my mom gave me this motorcycle. I absolutely love riding. I've put 2k mikes in this bike in the last year and a half! I just want to keep riding and riding... The BMW GS 650 is the absolute best bike ever! It can take me anywhere. I do have to say... The Harley Davidson has a place in my life and one day I will own one... Just won't be satisfied until I do. A girl's got to have hobby goals right!? 
I mostly ride country roads, forest service roads, dual sport riding. Friday I rode 120 miles and saw two cars in four hours... I love that kind of riding.. And the scenery is amazing. 

We pressed apples with a press that had been in our family for over 50 years! My grandpa John Lagler built this press. One of my favorite fall  activities! 
Hot stuff on a skate board! 
Ruben's passion for motorcycles and riding is an inspiration to me too. One we'll be riding dual sports together! Trans American trail for graduation maybe!?!?! Life goals for me! 
Selfie with my Moto ❤️ somewhere In The Siuslaw National Forest... Fiddle Creek, I think. 
Our annual picnic with the Laglers. Spencer driving great grandpa. 
Last day swimming at Rain Rock... Ruben caught a lizard! 

Tres stopped at Rainrock on his way to Eugene the other day. We were swimming and he headed to the valley on his motorcycle to go out to dinner with Katlyn and his nephews. He looks like such a biker here!

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