Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Show and Tell

Spencer brought the share bag home from school. The note said no toys, but something from nature, a picture, or something special. He decided to bring this outfit. His baby outfit from his first Christmas. With the little slippers to go with. They are so tiny, he was surprised they did fit him a long time ago. Wow...look how much you have grown. He said all of his class mates and teacher said "ohhh, how cute" and he loved it. What I thought was so cute is that this outfit, was actually first Jake's first Christmas 17 years ago and then 11 years later Ruben's first Christmas outfit, and then three years after that Spencer's first Christmas outfit.  I can remember holding each of my babies in this little Christmas pajama set. I think this may be one of those things I hold on to for quite a while still. Just folding and handling this fabric took me right back, interesting how our senses can do that for our hearts or minds. Very precious and certainly worth sharing.

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