Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gold Beach and the Mighty Rogue River

Last week we spent a few days camping at the beach at the south jetty of the Rogue river. Our friends the Chandlers are so generous to let us borrow their Big foot trailer for camping. Which made camping life pretty easy. 
We did the usual for us.... Bike rides, fishing, more fishing, surfing, and biking to the port to buy icecream cone. It was pretty easy and went by so fast. I have a feeling we'll be in this area in the future during the last days of summer break. The fish are biting we know that! And to catch a fresh from the ocean Chinook would be so Awesome! We camped illegally "pirate camping" we call it. We stayed tidy and away from most of the jetty traffic. No one bothered us during our  free two night ocean front camp spot! 

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