Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weekending at Home

I got a sourdough starter from my mom. It lay dormant in the fridge for a week, I pulled it out Thursday and fed it every 12 hours for three feedings. Saturday morning I made sourdough pancakes, then Sourdough pizza, and last I made banana sourdough muffins. They were all devoured! Everyone loved it. Looks like it will be sourdough on the  weekend. Let's see how long I can keep the kitchen let alive. With proper feeding and care.
Ziyana stayed with on Sunday. Without the boys to play with she would'nt be as happy without her mom. They love her and she loves them! It is precious for the boys to have a chance to care for her and show such patience and tenderness. 

Tres and I got away for an hour to see the beach during the storm. It was a wild and lively place! High tide, wind blowing so hard, sun and hail and rain. It was beautiful and fun to see the beach so active. 
We had a double rainbow Monday morning over Tres'school. I hope this is a sign for what this week has to bring. 

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