Friday, May 1, 2015

These Weeks

I looked back over my photos from the week and was reminded of this awesome life we live. I love being in this family, They are a fun bunch. I am proud to be raising our boys up appreciating the beautiful place we live and how we share and experience it together. 
Never to big to cuddle in our family. 
Sword fighting is frequently requested sport here. 
Fishing until dark with worms from the garden. Siltcoos Lake is so beautiful.
My flowers are coming on strong and the vegetable garden is waking from a short winter sleep. 
Tres on the Siuslaw River. We had date night last weekend and we went kayaking In the river. It was pretty exciting, the tide was changing, and the seals were very curious about us. 

A view from the hike I did twice last week. This is a new trail at woahink lake. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about this trail. I mean running, strolling, hiking all of honeyman state park for the last 20 years. Then a new trail is open and it is fantastic! This is a shot of the foot bridge section of the trail. Hooray for Oregon State Parks!  

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