Thursday, May 7, 2015

Keeping Up

My Cala lilies are so happy and beautiful right now. Making wonderful bouquets for the house. I am thinking I should draw or paint them, perfect for a still life.
We have taken up swimming every Tuesday night as a family. It is a cheap and fun family night. Everyone gets exercise and keeps our swimming muscles strong for the summer. 
Our neighbor got a puppy, who gets out when they aren't home. We let him in one evening to play. Very entertaining, however I was quickly reminded of why we have never got a puppy before... They bark, bite and pee in the house. Puppy went home after that. Plus good ol pancho got annoyed too. 
Love love love my boys. I especially love how affectionate tres is with our sons. It is a good way to raise boys, with lots of hugs, kisses, and  affection. Ruben is so beautiful. In just a few weeks he'll be a middle schooler, amazing! He grows so fast. 

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