Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Otter Rock and Roll

Kids that participated in the child w/ parent heat, get a participation goodie bag, great stuff! Good Times!
We kicked off our summer break with the annual kids surfing contest in Newport, Otter Rock and Roll. The Newport Chapter of Surfrider puts on a great event for kids and families. We had a fun day in the sun at the beach with friends and other participants. It was an awesome way to start the summer. Boys were not as much into the surfing this year as they have been in the past. It could of been the early morning heat, or the rush from the campground, or the fall out of the truck in the parking lot Ruben had on our way. It doesnt' really matter is what I told the boys, there was still so much fun to be had in the day, and we had just began. Ruben had one ride from the outside to nearly the beach, and Spencer gave it a try too. What the kids really enjoyed was playing in the clay on the beach, chasing friends and meeting new friends, listening to the funny DJ and all the fun music he played, and picking up trash. We learned what a nerdle was too, not sure of the spelling, it was also called a mermaids tear. Have you ever heard of that, well it is tiny pieces of plastic, basically tumbled plastic that fish eat. It makes them very sick. We used a sifter in the sand to collect these tiny pieces. So sad, it would make a mermaid cry.

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