Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Sea and Me at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

After leaving Beverly Beach State Park and heading to Nye Beach to our favorite bakery for pizza and cinnamon rolls, we decided to go to the aquarium. We had just purchased a family membership back in March, it was time to visit again. This time the new interacitve display was the Sea and Me. You can see Spencer cathcing fish and then selling them at the fish market. He could have worked here all day. I loved just watching him go back and forth from boat to market. A very well done interactive connection for kids to make with their food and how we get it. I liked just sitting on the bench and observing Spencer and all of the other kids that came through. A perfect time to let your imagination play.
I always love to see the sea otters too. Did you know otters use a tool? Yes they do, a pet rock they lay on their belly to use as a hard surface to crack open shells to eat what is inside. So clever these furry, cute, curious, sea mamals. I love watchig them.
An awesome way to end a wonderful weekend. I really feel lucky.

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