Monday, June 25, 2012

Cleaning up at Siltcoos

Saturday morning the weather cleared just in time for our clean up session. We clean up Siltcoos with Surfrider's Siuslaw Chapter twice a year. This time I was shocked by all of the styrafoam. We went to our favorite spot a little north of the Siltcoos River, to another little stream and log jam that we like to play at. To find so much styrafoam every where, and more being washed in on the waves. It broke my heart really. I couldn't stop picking it up, We drove the truck down there, and filled the bed of the truck. I had thoughts of being towed behind an  ATV just to pick up trash quicker and more easliy. But instead I just walked, ran, and rode in the truck from one trash spot to the next. I am guessing we are seeing some of the debri from the tsunami in Japan.  It was good time together on the beach, we did this as a family, so I know has a lasting impression on our kids. I had another thought. A new branch of public works on all levels of government to create jobs to just do this; collect trash from beaches, sort and dispose of properly. The volunteers that showed up to clean up the beach was very impressive.

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  1. you guys are so awesome. I love what you do with Surfrider. My mom set an example for us from the very beginning (though, admittedly, we used to tease her where we were kids) picking up trash anywhere and everywhere we went. Steven and I do it now - Byrd park, beach, forest, where ever. It really is sad how much junk people leave behind. Interesting to hear the striking amount of styrofoam you found. That is the worst.