Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buffalo Bill State Park

In the morning the sun was shining and the sky was blue. We went for a walk along the river. We fist saw the flock of White Pelicans on a tree in the water. Shortly after that Ruben spotted a family of four otters. I was not very quick with the camera but you can kind of see them in the water. They were on land, and when they saw us they all ran to the water and swam up stream. While we were camping the boys made friends with two other kids Jamie and Molly, they played at the playground until after dark and then again in the morning. The kids are so good a making new friends. When we were leaving the park we saw a coyote, it was pretty close to the park. We heard them howling early in the morning. One would howl and then several more would howl after that. I thought they were pretty close, then when we saw one when we were leaving I knew they were close. The ranger said it was rare to see otters, but he knew they were there. He also said there is a family of beavers that live close by, but we didn't see them. He also knew of the coyotes, he said they were a resident pack, and are there all the time.

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