Monday, August 30, 2010

Tourist stop at Bear World in Idaho

We did not see a single bear on our tour through the Bighorn National Forest or even Yellowstone. So we decided to stop at a place called Bear World. It was like a Wild Life Safari that we have here in Oregon. Drive through and see the animals in the environment. Close quarters, they said to keep the windows up, don't stop and no backing up. They also had a few rides for the kids, and a petting zoo. We did see several bears of all ages, moose, elk, buffalo, and a wolf. The wolf actually followed our car and bit our camp chair strapped to the back of our car. we felt the car being tugged at and then the wolf behind us. The ranger came by on the Rhino she was driving and said to just keep driving the wolf was only being playful. Good time and the kids were satisfied with seeing the bears...our goal.

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