Saturday, June 25, 2011

An evening biking at U of O

amazing new building here next to the new Mckninght Arena

dinner at Caspian. Lots of great people watching here.

sunset on the Willamette River

A ride through cemetery was fun. the kids had so many questions. they both agreed they watch a little too much Scooby Doo since they we a little spooked riding through. One of my favorite parts of campus...a cemetery in the middle of it.
Biking on campus this evening was so much fun. The kids did  amazing on their bikes. I was quite nervous to take them biking in such a busy area. But it turned out to be very quiet on campus, just busy surrounding. We walked our bikes near the traffic, but once we were to Oregon Hall we rode. What a good time. It was fun to share memories with the boys too. Tres and I both attended University of Oregon. We were there at different times and had entirely different experiences. I have always thought the campus was beautiful and spring is my favorite time to visit. We always make a once a year visit, usually a walk through and then a cold beverage near by. This time it was fun to share it with the kids. Hopefully planted an idea seed...two ducks to be! 

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  1. These photos are really fun to see, and bring back memories. I also went to U of O. Truly it is such a beautiful campus. I remember the first time I visited being so happy to be about to move to such a beautiful place. I also loved eating lunch at Caspian!