Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saturday morning at South Jetty

Ruben on a stand up paddle board, such a little man!

can you see the little mussels this sea star is eating for breakfast? I never get tired of looking at all the intertidal organisms, just so much fun and so beautiful.

Spencer on the board and me spotting and cheering for him!
 Today was an amazing day...the weather was rare, it was hot for us coastal dwellers and we loved it. We decided to head out to the Jetty for a morning of fun in the water and enjoy another low tide. Spencer and I surfed together, I pushed him into a wave and he immediately stood up, boy was I proud. After about 10 waves he was ready to go back to the beach and play in the shallow waters near the jetty and search for "critters". I got to back to the water and catch a few fun little rides. The water was so clear and clean I could see all the way to the bottom, I love that. After returning to the beach a friend came running to tell us there were three orcas in the river. We all ran to the jetty and climbed the rocks in time to see the orcas surfacing. It looked like a juvenile and two adults. Such magnificent animals! What a treat!

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