Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lava Cave at Newberry Volcanic N. M.

Entrance of the lava cave.

Another walk through an unguided cave, like the Indian Cave at Craters of the Moon, ID. This cave, just miles from East Lake, it's temperature dropped quickly as we walked into the cave. We could see our breath as we approached the entrance of the the cave. We rented a lantern and brought a flash light on our walk. We did not walk the whole mile length of the cave. The short walk was all we really needed, to see this great cave made by lava. We were told by a Park Ranger that there is a bacteria growing on the bats in the cave, that was transported by clothing from other caves in the country. I thought that was interesting, and how fragile all our our little eco systems are that are all connected to a much larger system.

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