Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Soccer Season

So my dream of becoming a soccer Mom came true! Now if the boys play basketball I will truly be pressure though. Here is the boy's first game. Spencer ran around with a smile on his face most of the game, except when he fell and skinned his knee on the dry grass. Spencer's team played first then Ruben's. Saturday mornings for the next 7 weeks will be soccer games. I am just so proud to see the boys out participating in a team sport, we engage in so many individual riding, swimming, surfing. It can be a very valuable lesson being a part of a team. I loved team sports when I was growing up, so I just hope my boys will experience the satisfaction that I got out of it too. The main goal is to have fun, so far that goal has already been met, even by us spectators, Tres and I. 
Spencer with the kick

Yeah! Good Game Sting! I love that smile!

Ruben with friend Camp.

Half time, resting with Dad.

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