Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jake as my guide, I get a tour in the dunes...if I can keep up!

Jake and I had an afternoon to spend together so he decided to take me riding. I rode a quad myself and he rode his quad. He is an excellent guide and great at entertaining too. This is what I call quality time, though we did not have a good long discussion, which is certainly not considered quality time by any means to this young man, but to go on an adventure that we haven't yet done was quality. What was even more precious was the smile on our two faces while we got this special one on one time together. Pretty rare for a mother with three children. I will take it any time I can even if it is riding an ATV in the dunes. I had a blast and got to see what a good rider Jake is.  
We rode out to the beach, what a day so warm! What a good looking guy!

Just a little showing off for Mom.

This adventure was not for those Moms who are faint at heart...a test of my own bravery.

Here we are at "The Face" Which I rode up! Not until he demonstrated the route first.
Good Times!

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