Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First timers to a pumpkin patch and a new waterfall, all in a day.

So many to choose from...

Without the help of the biggest brother, he decides to go for the smaller pumpins.

Just a few more pumpkins and we'll be set.
Down a country road, gravel, trees, and leaves.

A short hike to the waterfall, easily distracted by the creek running below the trail.

Silver Fall
We went to the Mahaffy family ranch and pumpkin patch, a new adventure for us. Quite a drive, but the motivation for me was it was located in a place I had never been. I love to drive along a state hwy that I have never been to, especially when it is along a river. The Coos River was a windy narrow and gorgeous drive. Just beyond the pumpkin patch was Gold and and Silver Falls State Park, which after that long drive was just what we needed too a little hike into the woods to see a waterfall 160feet tall! The temperature was quite warm this day, I could really tell we had traveled away from the coast. It may have still felt like summer, but the leaves were telling us different.

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