Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In my kitchen

Your looking at 28 pounds of canned gingered apple sauce and cinnamon apple pie filing. Yum!

Step right up! All you can eat buffet...All the apple peelings you can eat! Step right up!
I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon processing apples from Wintergreen organic farm, a local (yes!) farm in Florence. There is something magical about doing such simple, meaningful, work (yes I am a Montessorian). This kitchen tool the peeler, corer, and slicer with just a hand crank drew the kids into the kitchen very quickly I hardly had to any of that work. They waited in line and took turns to turn the handle and watch this simple gadget do all the work. The long peels that cam off the apple was the "all you can eat buffet" Ruben was advertising. There were some sore tummies by the time the 28 lbs of apples were processed. Yet lots of smiles when later we had our pie filling warmed of Nancy's plain yogurt. I am not sure if this stuff will even make it to Feb.

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