Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surfrider's Siltcoos Beach Cleanup

It is becoming a tradition, the beach cleaning, river cleaning, estuary cleaning. A tradition that I am proud to be a part of and to instill in my children the importance of the stewardship of these sacred places...water, beach, river's edge. We were  blessed with beautiful weather and plenty of time to play too. The kids found a bunch of trash so after one full bag or I guess a bag to heavy to carry they were released to just play and explore. Leaving this special place with three very full bags of trash was a good feeling we did something and a little sad for how much more there was. I wish I could invent some sort of magnetic like picker upper but for shards of small plastics, because that is what is needed along the the water line, but for now we just sifted and got as much as we could. Good work these kids did and their Grandma helped too. In fact thanks to Grandma for showing up at our house waking us all up to go to the beach and pick up trash. You can see in the picture the people across the water picking up trash on the other side. A good show of concerned citizens with several bags of trash.

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