Friday, December 16, 2011

Decorating the tree, a pumpkin, and the house.

I wasn't ready to let the pumpkin that I grew go to the I decorated it for Christmas and put it next to the tree. Who knows I may be decorating it with hearts for Valentine's Day.
I remember this one! Snowboarding Santa...awesome!

The holidays and changing of the season always inspires crafting at our house. We make all sorts of things, some the same as the previous years and a few new projects. There are many opportunities to create, glue, glitter, draw, string and more. We have had some cold weather lately(cold for us), so this Saturday morning I brought out a few supplies and we sat down right in front of the hot wood stove and made lots of snowflakes, santa faces, glittered and glued, and made a great big mess with wonderful results! Bringing the tree in is always a delight too. I find that seeing all those ornaments come out of the boxes each year, is just like taking a walk down memory lane. The ornaments I have had for 10 years(or more), ornaments from my own childhood, baby's first Christmas ornaments, birthday ornaments, and many other special decorations I just love the memories that come flooding back not just to me but to all of us.

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