Friday, December 2, 2011

Look who turned 8! Happy Birthday Ruben!

Happy Birthday to you! A very special cake made by his Super Great Aunt Mary just for him,
Ruben and Spencer with Friend Camp. We went bowling and played lots of air hockey, it was very fun! Ruben is holding a duct tape wallet made by Camp, he was so excited to recieve this handmade gift and have RT on the front of it.
One of Ruben's birthday requests was to have a new craft to work on that evening. I pulled this one together as a quick, simple and not to messy. I found several small juice glasses at St. Vinny's and a new set of glitter glue. We decorated each glass with glitter glue, they turned out pretty good. Now I don't know what will happen when they get washed, but it was worth it for the time sitting here together side by side.

Always a special day at our house when it is your birthday. I think we packed as much fun as possible into one day...bowling, park, friends. crafts, cake, dinner with friend and family, presents!, and an all around great day. I have a tradition of telling the kids their birth story the morning of their birthday, it lets me relive such a special day for me too. We also honor their request for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Such a simple thing to do to make the birthday boy feel extra special. Ruben does in fact look 8 and is certainly bigger than he was last week. Amazing how time flies.

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